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Save on wastewater charges

Stand: 12.06.2024

Use deductible quantities of water: For water that is used on the property and not discharged into the sewer (e.g. garden water), no waste water fee has to be paid.

No wastewater fee has to be paid for demonstrable quantities of water used or retained on the property. Garden owners in particular benefit from this.

In Hand läuft Wasser.They have 2 options:

  1. They can record the water consumption in the garden using a calibrated and sealed garden water meter. Those liable to pay charges must install this permanently at their own expense (Section 10 Paragraph 4 of the Contribution and Fee Statutes to the Drainage Statutes - BGS/EWS).

    Important note:
    For garden water meters, "permanently installed" means that the water meter must always be installed in the garden water pipe in the house.
    Garden water meters on the outside tap are only recognized if the internal water installation in the house makes internal installation impossible (e.g. circulation pipe). In such cases, proof of the structural situation is required.
  2. Alternatively, you can have the water consumption in the garden taken into account using a flat-rate calculation based on the size of the garden.
    This is possible from a garden area of 100 m², provided that the water for watering the garden is drawn exclusively from a public water supply facility (e.g. not from your own well or cistern).

For garden areas between 100 m² and 200 m², a flat-rate reduction of 10 m³ per year is possible; from a garden size of 200 m², the flat-rate reduction is 15 m³ per year.

All changes to the circumstances on which the fee reduction is based (e.g. a move, elimination or reduction in garden area) must be reported to the drainage company immediately.

Otherwise fees may be reclaimed!

Required documents

  • Application forms can either be collected from the drainage company or downloaded via
    the download links under "Forms" in the "Payment of wastewater charges" service and printed out. They must be signed and handed in to the drainage company; the exemption from charges is granted from receipt of the application and any necessary supplementary documents.
  • In the case of a flat-rate calculation, the garden area must be shown in a site plan of the property, at least in a hand sketch (see page 3 of the form).

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Wastewater; payment of wastewater charges

You pay for the disposal of the wastewater you produce via (ongoing) wastewater charges.

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