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Lewin-Poeschke plant

Stand: 28.05.2024

The Lewin-Poeschke-Anlage, also known as the "Bürgermeistersteg", is one of Erlangen's most popular meeting places and is located in the northern extension of Loewenichstraße between Ebrardstraße and Hindenburgstraße.

The Lewin-Poeschke-Anlage, also known as the "Bürgermeistersteg", is one of Erlangen's most popular meeting places. There is a streetball court and a football pitch as well as a playground with interesting play and exercise options for young and old. In a separate barbecue area there is an electric barbecue station with two plates - the "BurgerMeister".

  • The "Burger Meister" can be used daily from April to October from 10:00 - 22:00, no registration required. Just go there, grill, enjoy and clean up :)
  • The plates can be easily cleaned with a little water and the spatulas on the grill. It's best to pack a bottle of water, some kitchen roll and a sponge.
  • The Burger Meister is also cleaned regularly.
  • A mobile toilet is located on Ebrardstraße next to the glass containers.

Barbecuing with the "Burger-Meister"...

  • ... protects the green space.
  • ... reduces waste due to fewer disposable barbecues.
  • ... reduces fire risks, as barbecues are used without an open flame.
  • ... is environmentally friendly, as neither greenhouse gases nor ash are produced.
  • ... relieves the strain on other visitors thanks to smoke-free barbecuing.

Instructions for grilling with the "Burger-Meister":

  1. Press the start button until the light flashes green.
  2. When the light is on continuously, you can start grilling.
  3. The grill switches off automatically after 20 minutes.


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