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Information on electronic communication with the city administration of Erlangen and opening access

According to Art. 3a of the Bavarian Administrative Procedure Act (BayVwVfG), the transmission of electronic documents is permitted, provided that the recipient has opened access for this purpose.

In addition to e-mail, the City of Erlangen offers intelligent online forms that can be submitted completely electronically. The service is being expanded continuously and gradually. You can find the online forms on our homepage and the BayernPortal.

The City of Erlangen provides access to the transmission of electronic documents in accordance with the following requirements and technical framework conditions:

In principle, a distinction is made between informal and formal letters (e.g. legal appeals such as objections).

Simple informal letters

1. contact form (without Bayern-ID)

You can use the contact form (without BayernID) to send simple informal correspondence for which no written form is required by law. In contrast to e-mail, your data is transmitted securely and encrypted. Authentication is not mandatory.

To the contact form

2. e-mail

You also have the option of sending an e-mail directly to the person you know or to the responsible office. Please note the following:

  1. E-mails are only partially encrypted and may be viewed and manipulated by third parties during transmission. You should therefore never send personal data, confidential documents or content by unencrypted e-mail!
  2. E-mail attachments are accepted in the following file formats:
    *.pdf, *.txt, *.jpg, *.gif, *.png
  3. No automated processes or programming (so-called macros) may be used in the files.
  4. Unreadable file formats will be returned to the sender address.
  5. E-mails will only be accepted up to a total size of 10 MB.
  6. Files in the formats mentioned under point b. can be reduced in size (compressed) using compression programs. The City of Erlangen only accepts compressed files as non-self-extracting ZIP archives (*.zip).
  7. If the City of Erlangen is contacted by e-mail, the City of Erlangen assumes that further communication in this matter can be handled in this way, provided that this does not conflict with statutory regulations. If you wish to use a different communication channel, please indicate this.
  8. Due to the general uncertainty in e-mail traffic, it cannot be guaranteed that a sent e-mail will reach the addressee, or it may arrive with a delay. Formal delivery with proof of delivery is also not possible with normal e-mail
  9. To avoid spam mails, the City of Erlangen uses software to identify unwanted e-mails. This checking mechanism may cause your e-mails to be rejected because they have been falsely identified as spam due to certain characteristics. Notification of the sender is not guaranteed in such cases.

Formal letters

Unless otherwise stipulated by a legal provision, letters (e.g. objections or formal applications) for which a legal provision generally requires the written form can also be sent electronically in accordance with the following provisions.

1 "Secure contact form" (with BayernID)

On our homepage you will find the secure contact form, which you can use to contact us in encrypted form and - if authenticated with the eID function of the new ID card or residence permit, the eID card for EU citizens or the "ELSTER" software certificate - also in written form. File uploads are also possible in this way.

Information on BayernID and registration can be found here.

to the secure contact form

2. qualified electronic signature

Electronically signed documents are only accepted via the contact form for electronically signed documents and only in PDF-inline format (PDF with embedded signature). Only signatures from accredited certification service providers are accepted. Please note that mail signatures (e.g. the "Sign" option in mail programs) do not meet these conditions (no qualified electronic signature).

Contact: If you have any questions about electronic communication with the City of Erlangen, please write to us using the contact form.

To the contact form

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