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Sport & Health

Varied and innovative

Erlangen supports the many sports clubs, top-class competitive sport and is also constantly creating new opportunities for exercise in public spaces with many construction measures. Health promotion is considered holistically and does not stop at promoting physical activity.

Sports and health

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Albert-Schweitzer-Gymnasium: Renovation and new construction of the gymnasium

Extensive renovation and new construction work is being carried out in the gymnasium area of the Albert-Schweitzer-Gymnasium. Among other things, a double sports hall suitable for handball is being built.
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Dechsendorfer Weiher recreation area concept

The development potential for leisure and recreational use should be identified. Areas should be identified that are suitable for a fitness trail, children's playground and tree planting.
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Health RegionPlus Erlangen-Höchstadt and Erlangen

Implementation of the "Joint Health Strategy" of the city and district as part of the "GesundheitsregionPlus Erlangen-Höchstadt und Erlangen" project.
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Integrated sports development planning

Integrated sports development planning is a response to the requirements for contemporary and sustainable development in the areas of sport, exercise and health.
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New construction of a quadruple sports hall on Hartmannstrasse

New construction of a quadruple school sports hall with rooms for exercise, meetings and multi-purpose use on Hartmannstrasse. Design of the outdoor facilities with offers for recreation and exercise for all age groups.

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