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Waste management statutes

Stand: 03.06.2024

Statutes of the City of Erlangen on the prevention, recycling and disposal of waste (Waste Management Statutes - AbfS) dated 15.05.2024

§ 1 Objectives and tasks of municipal waste disposal
§ 2 Waste disposal as a public facility
§ 3 Definitions
§ 4 Scope of the municipal obligation to recycle and dispose of waste/exclusions
§ 5 Connection and usage rights/obligations
§ 6 Exceptions and exemptions from the obligation to connect and use
§ 7 Use of the public facility / generation of waste, transfer of ownership
§ 8 Promotion of the circular economy (avoidance, reuse and recycling)
§ 9 Notification and obligation to apply
§ 10 Waste containers
§ 11 Waste separation
§ 12 The use of waste containers
§ 13 Locations and transportation routes for waste containers
§ 14 Collection
§ 15 Right of access and monitoring, orders
§ 16 Obligations to provide information, cooperate and tolerate
§ 17 Hazardous waste (waste containing hazardous substances)
§ 18 Bulky waste
§ 19 Excavated earth, construction and demolition waste
§ 20 Implementation of waste management measures, plants and facilities
§ 21 Disruptions in waste disposal
§ 22 Monitoring of waste disposal plants and facilities, right of access
§ 23 Fees
§ 24 Orders for individual cases
§ 25 Administrative offenses
§ 26 Entry into force

You can find the waste management fee statutes for the city of Erlangen here: Waste management fee statutes

If you have any questions, please contact the City Greenery, Waste Management and Street Cleaning Department.

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Waste management statutes

Satzung der Stadt Erlangen über die Vermeidung, Verwertung und Beseitigung von Abfällen (Abfallwirtschaftssatzung - AbfS) vom 17.10.2016

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