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Organic waste, garden waste & organic waste garbage can

Stand: 28.05.2024

Information on organic waste garbage cans and ordering, handling garden waste and our annual garden waste campaigns as well as ordering containers for garden waste. Dispose of your organic and garden waste correctly and make your contribution to environmental and climate protection.

We ask you to use used paper bags all year round - very much in line with the motto: "A second life for the bag" - e.g. bakery bags, but generally to refrain from using plastic bags in order to improve Erlangen's organic waste and consequently improve the compost obtained from it, which thus contributes to active environmental protection.

Further information can be found at: https://erlangen.de/aktuelles/biotonne and at https://youtu.be/QhlPgtXqoDM.

Order an organic waste garbage can

Every household can order a green garbage can with a volume of 120 or 240 liters at no extra cost.

Tel: 09131 86-2015

You can view the exact emptying day for your building online in the city's waste calendar. There you can also subscribe to your collection dates as an e-mail notification or reminder or integrate them directly into your digital calendar via iCal/WebCal. Alternatively, you can have your annual calendar or a list of the next 10 dates sent to you as a PDF by e-mail so that you can print out the dates, for example.

To the digital waste calendar

Hand in garden waste

Larger quantities can be handed in directly at the Frauenaurach composting plant all year round.

The composting plant also sells the quality product "Erlanger Kompost" from its own production. This compost is made exclusively from delivered garden waste. Your garden will be delighted!

More information about the Frauenaurach composting plant

Annual garden waste campaigns

You can drop off your green waste free of charge at certain locations in the city area in the fall. The containers are available at the drop-off points from 10:00 to 15:00. You can find the next date for a garden waste campaign online in the city's waste calendar. We also provide information a few weeks before the campaign on erlangen.de and via our social media channels.

For larger quantities or other dates, the waste management department also provides containers for a fee.

Order a container for garden waste

You can order a 7.7 m³ container for garden waste all year round for a flat-rate fee.

Tel: 09131 - 86-2015

Separate organic waste

Recyclable materials

Organic waste is recyclable material. No other part of household waste can be returned to the natural material cycle more easily and without problems.

The costs for the organic waste garbage can are already included in the waste fee. This is based on the size of the residual waste garbage can. You should therefore collect organic waste separately, just like all other recyclable materials. The less residual waste you produce, the lower your waste disposal fee will be.

What happens to the organic waste?

The organic waste from Erlangen is loaded into containers at the municipal composting site and transported daily to a composting plant. There, the organic waste is partly composted and partly fermented into biogas. The compost is used as fertilizer and soil improver in agriculture, horticulture and allotments. The biogas is used to generate electricity. Litter such as plastic bags disrupts these processes considerably!

Dirt - maggots - stench

What to do?

Unpleasant side effects in the warm season, such as rotting and odour, maggot infestation and fungal spores can be minimized!

  • Always line the bottom of the organic waste garbage can with paper.
  • Put kitchen paper, soiled and crumpled paper and used paper tissues in the organic waste garbage can.
  • Wrap organic waste in paper bags or newspaper.

This reduces the moisture content and results in less odor and spore formation. This also significantly reduces maggot infestation and keeps the garbage can clean.

In winter, newspaper prevents damp organic waste from freezing to the edge of the garbage can.

Lime helps with maggot infestation

If maggots appear, it helps to sprinkle hydrated lime (algae lime or slaked lime) into the organic waste garbage can. You can obtain lime from your local building materials store. Open the lid in good weather, as dry and well-ventilated organic waste is unlikely to be infested by maggots.

A second life for the bag

Under the motto: A second life for the bag, we would like to point out that it makes sense to use, for example, bakery bags or uncoated butcher's bags for your organic waste. This binds moisture, reduces unpleasant odors and the bag is therefore a useful utensil at least for a second time.

Cleaning organic waste garbage cans - the user's responsibility

The cleaning of organic waste garbage cans, like all other waste garbage cans, is the responsibility of the user according to the waste management regulations. You can also have your organic waste garbage can replaced with a clean one for a fee of 15 euros.

This does NOT belong in the organic waste bin

Non-biodegradable materials and waste that would impair compost quality, such as

1) Cellophane / plastic bags
2) Residual waste such as

  • Paper soiled with mineral oil
  • baby diapers
  • Vacuum cleaner bags
  • Impregnated wood
  • Cigarette butts

Please dispose of organic waste without plastic bags (not even supposedly biodegradable ones)!

Incorrect waste

The lower the amount of waste, the better the composting plant can process the organic waste! If your organic waste garbage can contains a large amount of contaminants, it will not be emptied. In addition, a special emptying as residual waste must be requested for a fee.

By the way: Your organic waste garbage can is emptied weekly, whereas the residual waste garbage can is emptied fortnightly.

You are welcome to pick up this sticker for your organic waste garbage can or the organic waste garbage can of your household from us (see contact details below).

This belongs in the organic waste garbage can: all biodegradable waste, such as

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Garbage, waste & recycling

Much of what ends up as waste can be recycled. The prerequisite for this is consistent waste separation. You can find out everything else you need to know about waste and recycling in Erlangen on this page.

Bird's eye view of the composting plant in Frauenaurach.
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Frauenaurach composting plant

Deliver your garden waste directly to us. The offer also includes the sale of the quality product "Erlanger Kompost" from our own production. This compost is made exclusively from delivered garden waste. Your garden will be delighted!

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