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E-scooter in Erlangen

Stand: 28.05.2024

Here you will find the most important regulations and contact details for e-scooter sharing.

The Small Electric Vehicles Ordinance (eKFV) came into force on June 15, 2019. Since then, e-scooters (electric scooters) have been permitted on German roads. However, the ordinance does not currently provide any regulatory options for cities and municipalities when dealing with e-scooter sharing providers. The parking and rental of e-scooters is classified as non-authorized public use on public land, meaning that there is currently no legal basis for regulation.

In order to ensure road safety, the city of Erlangen has concluded a voluntary cooperation agreement with the providers of rental systems with the aim of ensuring safe and city-compatible use. Among other things, the agreement contains provisions on operation, parking and cooperation. In order to create a document that is as comprehensive as possible, experience from other cities and the police has been incorporated into the cooperation agreement.

Four providers are currently active in Erlangen: Voi, Tier, Bolt and Superpedestrian (Link)

Foto: E-Scooter

Downloads and further information

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E-scooter overview map

Stand: 04.08.2020

"Road of the future" research project

The city of Erlangen has participated in the "Road of the Future" research project in recent years. The aim of the project was to gain scientific insights into how municipalities can be supported in the planning and implementation of resource-efficient roads.

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Mobilpunkte - Car sharing

To encourage people to switch from private cars to other modes of transport, there are mobility points in the city. You can find the locations and further information on this overview.



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