Stand: 06.02.2023

The city of Erlangen is working on and establishing electromobility systematically and purposefully in cooperation with ESTW and third parties.

As part of the Transport Development and Mobility Plan 2030, the promotion of electric charging infrastructure in Erlangen was investigated and a concept for the installation of public charging stations was agreed. The most important target groups for the electric charging stations are visitors* (interim charging) and residents* who do not have their own parking spaces with a socket or wallbox. The focus is therefore on installing charging stations in the city center (e.g., large parking lot, theater parking lot) and in densely populated areas with significant multi-story residential construction. A total of 22 public charging stations (45 charging points) are to be implemented by 2022. Based on the utilization of the planned stations as well as development of the number of e-cars in Erlangen, a further gradual expansion is to take place by 2030.

E-Ladestation Erlangen Großparkplatz

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E-Scooter in Erlangen

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