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Burgberg conservation statutes

Stand: 28.05.2024

Statutes of the City of Erlangen for the preservation of buildings in the Burgberg area dated 01.09.1989 as amended on 29.11.2001 and overview plan of the preservation statutes

§ 1 Scope of application
§ 2 Reasons for defining the area
§ 3 Preservation requirement, approval
§ 4 Characterization of the townscape
§ 5 Character of the townscape and landscape
§ 6 Urban significance
§ 7 Historical significance
§ 8 Procedure
§ 9 Administrative offense
§ 10 Entry into force

Overview of the conservation statutes

Please contact the Office for Urban Planning and Mobility if you have any questions.

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Burgberg conservation statutes

Satzung der Stadt Erlangen zur Erhaltung baulicher Anlagen im Bereich des Burgbergs vom 01.09.1989 i. d. F. vom 29.11.2001
pdf, 1 MB

Burgberg conservation statutes - plan

Übersichtsplan zur Erhaltungssatzung

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