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Discover Erlangen

Stand: 13.06.2024

There is a lot to see in Bavaria's smallest city with around 120,000 inhabitants.

With its wide streets and many baroque buildings, Erlangen is one of the best-preserved baroque planned towns in Germany. In addition to the many restaurants and cafés that invite you to meet up with friends and acquaintances, there is also a good cultural offering.

Oberbürgermeister Florian Janik

Lord Mayor Florian Janik: "We enjoy coming together at the Bergkirchweih, at exciting festivals such as the Comic Salon, the Poetry Festival or the Puppet Theater Festival and, last but not least, in the many sports, cultural and leisure clubs. We are committed and this is what makes Erlangen a city worth living in and loving."

Portraitfoto von Bürgermeister Jörg Volleth

Mayor Jörg Volleth: "Despite its manageable size, Erlangen has many beautiful corners. You can discover some of them on a leisurely stroll through our pretty old town or on a bike tour of Erlangen's historic districts. What also makes Erlangen special for me is all the greenery in and around our city."

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Stage at the Theater Stadt Erlangen.
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Calendar of events

Don't know what you want to do this evening or at the weekend? Whether exhibitions, festivals, offers for families, markets, sports and much more - Erlangen offers many possibilities for leisure activities. Let our calendar of events inspire you!

Hugenottenplatz bus stop with two buses and passers-by

Free public transport in the city center

Change for free! Free travel on the buses in Erlangen city center. Travel comfortably and quickly in Erlangen city center without looking for a parking space. Since January 1, 2024, it's been "free travel" on all bus routes within the free Erlangen city center area.

Books from the city archive, open day.
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Historically interested & commemoration

Erlangen has a long history, with both positive and negative events.

Woman sits in a wheelchair.
Topic page

Barrier-free Erlangen

Inclusion only works if people with disabilities are able to participate in everyday life in our city. Accessibility is a prerequisite for this. Here you can find out what is accessible in Erlangen and how you can achieve accessibility.


District church consecrations

Our church consecrations in the city area.

Erlangen Tourism and Marketing Association e.V.

In Erlangen, the Erlangen Tourism and Marketing Association takes care of tourism. It provides the city of Erlangen with up-to-date information on events in the city center and lots of leisure tips.


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