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Drinking options in the city

Stand: 08.07.2024

Are you out and about in Erlangen? There is free drinking water in the city center.

To stay fit in the heat, it's important to drink enough. This is also possible in the city center.

Drinking fountains

The drinking fountains of Erlanger Stadtwerke are dotted around the city center. They provide free drinking water from April to October. There are currently drinking fountains at the following locations (see map at the bottom of the page):

  • Neustädter Kirchplatz
  • Bohlenplatz
  • Theaterplatz
  • Market Square
  • Town Hall Square

The fountains in Erlangen and many locations throughout Germany can also be viewed via the external website www.trinkwasser-unterwegs.de or via the corresponding app.


In addition to the drinking fountains, there is also the Germany-wide "Refill" initiative. Stores, clubs and cafés, among others, take part in this initiative and offer to fill tap water into the bottles you bring with you free of charge.

All participating locations can be recognized by the Refill sticker on the door or shop window. In Erlangen, there are already more than 40 refill locations throughout the city. All refill stations in Germany are shown on a map on the website https://refill-deutschland.de/.

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