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Referendum on urban-urban rail

Stand: 10.06.2024

Answers to important questions.

On Sunday, June 9, 2024, a referendum will be held in Erlangen on how the city of Erlangen should proceed with the Stadt-Umland-Bahn (StUB). The StUB is the extension of the Nuremberg streetcar through Erlangen city center to the train station and on to Herzogenaurach based on the current plans. The Stadt-Umland-Bahn is intended to help people travel reliably in Erlangen and between the three cities.

The results of the vote

For the city, the Ministry of the Interior stipulates that the EU election must be counted first. The first results of the referendum based on quick reports are expected from 8 p.m. on election day.

Click here for the voting resultsEine Grafik mit dem Ergebnis des Bürgerentscheids.

What is at stake?

At its meeting on February 29, 2024, the city council decided to hold a referendum with the following question:

"Are you in favor of the extension of the Nuremberg streetcar (Stadt-Umland-Bahn - StUB) through Erlangen city center to the train station and on to Herzogenaurach being built on the basis of the existing plans?"

You can answer the question with "Yes" or "No".

If you vote "Yes", you are in favor of completing the existing plans and building the urban-rural railroad.

If you vote "No", you are in favor of not building the Stadt-Umland-Bahn on the basis of the current plans.

At a glance

  • Extension of the Nuremberg streetcar without changing trains via Erlangen to Herzogenaurach
  • 10-minute interval: reliable, sustainable, shortens journey times
  • Direct connection to Friedrich-Alexander University and the largest companies in the region: Siemens AG, Siemens Energy, adidas, Puma, Schaeffler
  • Changes in traffic routing (restrictions or partial closure to car traffic, expansion of cycle paths and footpaths)
  • Much faster access from the west to the city center via the Wöhrmühlbrücke subway and bus, reduces traffic on Büchenbacher and Dechsendorfer Damm according to forecasts
  • Improvement of the entire bus network, relieves Goethestrasse and Hauptstrasse in the city center from bus traffic
  • 90% of the costs are paid by the federal and state governments, a total of over 500 million euros. Planning and construction cost Erlangen 82 million euros
  • Construction planned in stages from 2028 to reduce local disruption Commissioning planned from 2031, completion planned for 2034

The following FAQs answer questions about the Stadt-Umland-Bahn - based on official information.

FAQs - Answers to important questions

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Urban-rural railroad
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Urban-Rural Railway - StUB

The Zweckverband Stadt-Umland-Bahn provides information about the planning.

Hugenottenplatz bus stop with two buses and passers-by

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A red and green ballot paper are thrown into a gray ballot box.

Results of the EU election and the referendum on the Stadt-Umland-Bahn

Who did the people of Erlangen vote for in the EU elections? How did they decide in the referendum? You can find the results here.

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The citizens of Erlangen are in favor of the StUB being built.