Electoral office

The electoral office is set up temporarily around six months before general votes (referendums and plebiscites) and elections (local, district, state and European elections). It is responsible for all aspects of implementation, such as the electoral roll, polling stations, polling assistants, voter notification, postal voting and more.


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Bundestag election; submission of an election proposal

Each political party can submit an election proposal (state list or district election proposal). District election nominations (at constituency level) may also be submitted by individual voters or groups of voters.

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Citizens' petition and referendum in the municipality; implementation

The "citizens' petition and referendum" instruments introduced in Bavaria in 1995 enable citizens to decide directly on many municipal matters.


Election assistant; appointment

As honorary members of the electoral and postal ballot boards, electoral assistants are responsible for the proper conduct of elections and votes and for determining and establishing the results.


Elections; support for the electoral bodies

Depending on the election or vote, the district administrative authorities are the seat of the electoral bodies at district level. They support the electoral bodies in carrying out their activities.

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European, Bundestag and Landtag elections; inspection of the electoral roll

The municipal authorities keep a list of eligible voters for each electoral district.

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Municipal election; conduct of the election of the first mayor and members of the municipal council

The first mayor and the municipal council members are generally elected for 6 years. Depending on the size of the municipality, 8 to 80 municipal councillors are elected.
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Polling card and postal voting documents; application

If you do not want to vote at your polling station but by postal vote or at another polling station, you will need a polling card. Together with the polling card, which you must apply for at your local authority, you will also receive the postal voting documents.

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Referendum; provision of registration lists

In the case of referendums, municipalities must keep the registration lists ready for signatures by voters.