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Solidarity with Browary

Stand: 28.05.2024

Lord Mayors of Erlangen and Jena on the second anniversary of the Russian army's invasion of Ukraine.

In a joint letter on the second anniversary of the Russian army's invasion of Ukraine, the Lord Mayors of Erlangen and Jena, Florian Janik and Thomas Nitzsche, assured their colleague in Browary, Ihor Saposchko, of their continued solidarity within the framework of the triangular partnership. Jena is Erlangen's twin city.

Right at the beginning of the war of annihilation, the defenders succeeded in stopping the Russian troops just outside Browary. Suburbs suffered considerable damage. Debris from downed drones and cruise missiles aimed at Kiev continue to cause fires and impacts.

Numerous humanitarian actions

Erlangen has maintained the solidarity partnership with Jena and Browary since autumn 2022. Since then, a large number of humanitarian actions have been carried out thanks to the willingness of the Erlangen population and business community to donate, as well as Engagement Global, the Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit and other organizations. There are also infrastructure projects.

Only recently, experts from Browary visited the sewage treatment plant and Erlangen's municipal utilities. These days, the Protestant parish of St. Katharina (Seukendorf, Fürth district) handed over a cheque for more than 3,200 euros to support the 20,000 internally displaced persons in the Ukrainian solidarity partner city.

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View of Browary, stadium with houses

Browary (Ukraine)

Solidarity partnership since 2022

Destroyed building with a firefighter.

Browary - History and stories

The search for a solidarity partnership in times of war has led the cities of Erlangen and Jena to Browary near Kiev.

Ukrainian flag.
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Erlangen helps: Ukraine

Current information on the Ukraine crisis, help in Erlangen and support for refugees.

Town twinning

Area 1: Beşiktaş

Area 2: Bkeftine, Eskilstuna, Rennes, San Carlos, Shenzhen, Europe

Area 3: Browary, Brüx, Komotau, Bolzano, Cumiana, Jena, Riverside, Stoke-on-Trent, Umhausen, Vladimir, Venzone


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