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We are #offenaustradition.

All refugees are welcome in Erlangen: For us, all cultures are equal, as are all genders, sexual identities and people with severe disabilities. What's more, we are convinced that diversity enriches us. That is why we are happy when our city is as diverse as possible.

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Information for those willing to help - How can I provide support?

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Committed. Integrated.

Commitment brings people together. Anyone who gets involved in something and with others makes contacts and actively helps to shape society. Commitment creates encounters, promotes togetherness and mutual understanding. Commitment is diversity in action in the community and a path to integration.

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An overview of all offers, events and opportunities to volunteer in Erlangen.

Latest news

Blue and yellow flag of Ukraine with a white dove

Appeal for donations for a vacation camp for Ukrainian children

Request for donations for a vacation camp for Ukrainian children from Erlangen's solidarity partner city Browary

View of Browary, stadium with houses

Browary (Ukraine)

Solidarity partnership since 2022

Browary with lettering and people

Solidarity with Browary

Lord Mayors of Erlangen and Jena on the second anniversary of the Russian army's invasion of Ukraine.

Representation of different euro bills

Thanks for help from Erlangen

Support for the Ukrainian town of Browary. The main need there is currently in the container village.

Ukrainian flag

Extension of temporary protection

Regulation affects residence permits for refugees from Ukraine.