Solidarity Partnership Browary

Stand: 06.02.2023

Besides the comparable size, the city also has a similar structure in education and economy.

Since February 24, 2022, the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army with all its consequences for the country and the whole world has been the focus of our attention and concern. In its meeting on July 28, 2022, the city council unanimously decided to seek a "solidarity partnership" with a Ukrainian municipality in the greater Kiev area. The twin city of Jena in Thuringia had also passed a resolution of this kind. The city council had then decided in its September meeting to enter into this solidarity partnership with the city of Browary. 

Browary lettering and people

Why Browary? In addition to the comparable size with about 100,000 inhabitants and the proximity to Kiev - the capital is about 15 kilometers away from Browary - as well as the associated easy accessibility, the similar structure from the eponymous brewery industry to education and business also spoke for Browary. 

With a video greeting from December 7, 2022, Ihor Saposchko, mayor of Browary, addresses the mayors of Jena and Erlangen and the citizens* of both cities.

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More about Solidarity Partnership & Ukraine Aid

Browary peace sign

LichtER for Ukraine

Appeal for donations for Browary by Mayor Florian Janik.

Around the solidarity partnership

In the early summer of 2022, first contact with Browary.

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Browary - history and stories

The search for a solidarity partnership in times of war has led the cities of Erlangen and Jena to Browary near Kiev.