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Service: Asylum & Integration

People who come to us from other countries are welcome in Erlangen and are an integral part of society. With numerous services, advice and information, we help people with a migration background to feel at home in Erlangen and integrate into society.

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Service, Online service, Naturalization claim, Naturalization claim, Naturalization of foreigners, Citizenship through naturalization

Naturalization; application for the granting of German citizenship to foreigners entitled to naturalization (entitlement to naturalization)

A foreigner living in Germany is entitled to naturalization under certain conditions.

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Declaration of commitment

Declaration of commitment to cover the costs of living or the costs of departure for invited foreigners.

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Advance on maintenance payments; application

You can apply for an advance on maintenance payments if you are a single parent and the parent liable to pay maintenance does not pay any or too little maintenance for the child.

Service, Assistance from the youth welfare office, Maintenance claims, Establishment of paternity, Establishment of paternity, maintenance claims

Assistance from the youth welfare office; application

At the written request of a parent, the Youth Welfare Office will assist the child in establishing paternity, asserting maintenance claims and disposing of these claims.

Asylum seekers; application for permission to move out

Under certain conditions, an exemption from the obligation to live in shared accommodation and decentralized accommodation can be granted. Beneficiaries may then live in private accommodation.

Service, asylum aid, Help for asylum seekers

Asylum seekers; applying for benefits

Asylum seekers receive benefits under the Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act (AsylbLG) if they meet the requirements.


Asylum seekers; applying for sickness benefits

Asylum seekers receive benefits under the Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act (AsylbLG) in the event of illness if they meet the requirements.

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Service, Online service, Education package, Learning support, Lunch, School supplies, Participation package

Benefits for education and participation; application

For children, adolescents and young adults, benefits for education and participation can be applied for by recipients of basic income support for jobseekers, social assistance, benefits under the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act, child supplement or housing benefit.

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Service, Online service

Brexit; notification of residence for British nationals

British nationals who are resident in Germany on December 31, 2020 and remain resident in Germany must report their residence to the Foreigners' Registration Office.

Care and support for the child in emergency situations; applying for support

There are situations in which a parent who is primarily responsible for the child's care is absent for health or other compelling reasons (e.g. childbirth, rehabilitation measures, imprisonment).
Service, Childcare, Children, Parents, Emergency situation, Crisis case, Help, Emergency, Support, Support

Children and young people; taken into care by the youth welfare office

Is the welfare of a child or young person at risk? If you have any indications of this, you can contact the responsible youth welfare office.

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Service, Online service

Citizenship; application to retain German citizenship

German citizens who naturalize in another country generally lose their German citizenship. With a permit to retain German citizenship, they can also remain German.

Service, Place of birth principle, ius-soli, ius soli, ius soli acquisition, Territorial principle

Citizenship; examination of the acquisition of German citizenship at birth in Germany

The registry office checks whether a child of foreign parents has acquired German citizenship by birth in accordance with Section 4 (3) of the Citizenship Act.

Service, Help with over-indebtedness, debts, Debt trap, Spiral of debt, over-indebted households, indebted, Indebtedness

Debt; counseling

If you need advice because of your financial situation, you can make use of debt counseling.

Latest news


City leaders in Jena and Cumiana confirmed in office

At the same time as the elections to the European Parliament last Sunday, mayoral elections were held in the Thuringian twin city of Jena and the Italian friendship city of Cumiana.


Winners of the "Climate protection at our school" competition

Winning tandem of the international school competition announced


Refugee and integration advice

The Refugee and Integration Advisory Service offers advice and support for migrants in Erlangen. Our work focuses on promoting integration and providing guidance for new immigrants in Erlangen.

A Liffass column with photos, a cyclist on the right.

"Show me your city!": Open-air exhibition on Rennes

To mark the 60th anniversary of the town twinning with Rennes, the citizens of Erlangen and Rennais were invited to take part in the anniversary project "Show me your town!" in February and March.

Helping to shape Erlangen

Shape Erlangen

"Future elementary school and all-day care" program

By 2026, all-day education and childcare for schoolchildren is to be guaranteed by a legal entitlement. This means that the city of Erlangen is obliged to consider ways of ensuring that youth welfare services and schools can meet this legal entitlement, to take appropriate measures and, in particular, to make elementary school "structurally fit" for this.
Shape Erlangen

Albert-Schweitzer-Gymnasium: Renovation and new construction of the gymnasium

Extensive renovation and new construction work is being carried out in the gymnasium area of the Albert-Schweitzer-Gymnasium. Among other things, a double sports hall suitable for handball is being built.
Shape Erlangen

Campus Berufliche Bildung Erlangen (CBBE): New workshop wing and refurbishment of the commercial wing

Construction work at the Campus Berufliche Bildung Erlangen (CBBE) is ensuring a future-oriented teaching location for the industrial training professions at the vocational school in Erlangen. A new workshop wing is being built here and the industrial wing is being renovated.
Shape Erlangen

Creating a place of remembrance for the victims of euthanasia

Together with various project partners, a place of remembrance and future is to be established on the site of the former Erlangen sanatorium and nursing home (HuPfla).