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International Erlangen

City partnerships

As an important science and business location, we have excellent international connections. Our partner cities around the world are an important component of our international relations. The partnerships promote intercultural exchange and cooperation across national borders. Erlangen maintains relationships with 17 municipalities worldwide.

Latest news


Rowing club from Rennes visits

Eight rowers from Erlangen's twin city visit RVE and EWF. Report of the rowing club Erlangen e.V.

Blue and yellow flag of Ukraine with a white dove

Appeal for donations for a vacation camp for Ukrainian children

Request for donations for a vacation camp for Ukrainian children from Erlangen's solidarity partner city Browary


Show me your city!

Open-air exhibition in Erlangen shows our French twin city


Ceremony "60 years of town twinning between Erlangen and Rennes"

We celebrated the anniversary of the town twinning with over 200 visitors

Partnership associations and circles of friends

FAQ - frequently asked questions about town twinning

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Town twinning

Area 1: Beşiktaş

Area 2: Bkeftine, Eskilstuna, Rennes, San Carlos, Shenzhen, Europe

Area 3: Browary, Brüx, Komotau, Bolzano, Cumiana, Jena, Riverside, Stoke-on-Trent, Umhausen, Vladimir, Venzone


Rathausplatz 1
91052 Erlangen


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In addition, individual appointments can be arranged on site outside regular opening hours. Get in touch with us by phone, e-mail or contact form.