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Foreigners and Integration Advisory Board (AIB)

We are a committee of members with a history of migration. The advisory board has been helping to shape policy and services for migrants in Erlangen since 1974. We stand up for the interests of people with a history of migration - 30 percent of all citizens.

Latest news


The AIB celebrates its 50th anniversary

The Foreigners' and Integration Advisory Council is celebrating its 50th anniversary on June 8, 2024 with a big festival for diversity and tolerance in the palace gardens in Erlangen. All interested parties are cordially invited to attend.


Information on the new naturalization law

The long-discussed Naturalization Act comes into force on 27.06.24. The AIB provides information on the planned changes:

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What topics are we working on?

The Advisory Board works on a wide range of topics. Here is an overview of the most important topics:


Lord Mayor and AIB against right-wing extremism

The Lord Mayor Dr. Janik and the Foreigners' and Integration Advisory Council of the City of Erlangen are jointly promoting social diversity and setting an example against right-wing extremism in a press release.


Podcast: Flight, hope, home with immigrants in Erlangen

In this two-part podcast, Elizabeth Nicholson, Deputy Chair of AIB, talks to two special guests: Lilaf Shikho and Mahmoud Almizel (students at FAU) share their powerful stories before, during and after fleeing Syria.

Achievements to date


50 years of AIB - a success story

The Foreigners' and Integration Advisory Council has been in existence for 50 years - a good reason to celebrate the work of its voluntary members! A number of important achievements characterize the work of the advisory board. Read more about the successes of the last 50 years:


Adjustment of work regulations for international students

The Foreigners' and Integration Advisory Council of the City of Erlangen has lobbied the Federal Immigration and Integration Council e.V. on behalf of foreign students. Subsequently, the working time regulations for international students were adapted to the regulations that apply to German students.


Fair working conditions in home care

The Foreigners' and Integration Advisory Council, together with the Senior Citizens' Advisory Council, has campaigned for better working conditions for immigrants in home care:

Childcare, Children, Parents, supervise, promote, educate, Kindergartens, Kindergarten, Daycare centers

German language support for kindergarten children

Good German language skills are particularly important for children who start school. Unfortunately, there is often a lack of teachers.


Improvements at the immigration office

The AIB was able to achieve some improvements through constructive discussions with the immigration authorities.


N-word outlawed by the city council

The Erlangen City Council decides that the use of the N*-word is explicitly recognized as racist.

Information from the AIB


Are you new to Erlangen?

Would you like to get to know other immigrants or Germans? Would you like to continue practicing the German language? Would you like to do something together with others and meet regularly in a group?

German course, Language course, German, Language, Learn German

German offensive

Are you new to Erlangen and want to learn German? The Deutsch-Offensive courses provide you with effective support in learning German. They are very good preparation for the integration course. In these courses you learn without pressure and stress because there is no test at the end.

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Language and integration courses

The Erlangen Adult Education Center offers language and integration courses for people from other countries.


Offers for learning German in Erlangen

We would like to draw your attention to various language courses in our city. These offers will help you to further improve your German language skills. Even if you can cope with English in everyday life, learning and improving your German will certainly enrich your participation in social life in Erlangen. We would like to draw your attention to various language courses and to possibilities for practicing German in Erlangen. This could help you to improve your German language skills. Even if you can manage your everyday life with English, learning and improving your German will certainly enrich your participation in social life in Erlangen. لى جميع المهتمين بمدينة إيرلانجن، نود أن نلفت انتباهكم إلى العروض اللغوية المختلفة في مدينتنا. هذه العروض يمكن أن تكون مفيدة لتحسين مهاراتك في اللغة الألمانية. من المؤكد أن تعلم اللغة الألمانية وتحسينها سيؤدي إلى تدعيم وجودك ومشاركتك في الحياة اليومية. 对于所有对埃朗根感兴趣的朋友们, 我们温馨得提请您关注城市提供的各种语言服务 这些服务项目有助于进一步提高您的德语技能。 我学习和提高德语技能肯定会进一步改善您日常生活的方方面面。


Pool of language mediators from the district and city

The language mediator pool supports non-German-speaking citizens in communicating with public offices, social institutions, schools or when visiting the doctor.


Refugee and integration advice

The Refugee and Integration Advisory Service offers advice and support for migrants in Erlangen. Our work focuses on promoting integration and providing guidance for new immigrants in Erlangen.

German course, Language course


German course; primary and secondary school


Would you like to have professional qualifications recognized?

Did you learn a profession, study or graduate from school in your home country? Do you work here in a completely different profession or in a simple job? That doesn't have to be the case! Get advice here on how your certificates and qualifications can be recognized.


Would you like to learn a new language or practise German?

You can look for a language tandem for this. It works like this: Two people meet regularly and converse in both languages. You can learn or practise a foreign language free of charge. You can do things together and be in contact with other people, whether online or in person. You can find an overview of the offers here.


Youth migration service

The Youth Migration Service offers support and help for children and young people with a refugee or migrant background.

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