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Monument protection; advice for monument owners

Dealing with monuments often poses difficult questions for those affected. Advising monument owners is one of the most important tasks of the monument authorities.

Monument protection; application for a grant from the Bavarian compensation fund

Grants can be applied for from the compensation fund for measures on monuments in accordance with the Bavarian Monument Protection Act.

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Service, Online service, Subsidy for monument protection

Monument protection; application for a grant from the State Office for Monument Preservation

Grants can be awarded by the State Office for the Preservation of Monuments for monument preservation measures on architectural and ground monuments as well as movable monuments.
Service, Permission under monument protection law

Monument protection; application for permission for measures on architectural and ground monuments

If you want to carry out measures on architectural or ground monuments or in the vicinity of such monuments, you will in many cases require permits in accordance with the German Monument Protection Act (DSchG).

Service, Monument protection

Monument protection; orders for conservation measures

The lower monument protection authorities can order by administrative act that owners of monuments carry out certain conservation measures. They can also carry out such measures themselves and impose the costs for this on the owners in full or in part.