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Burial law; official supervision

The municipalities and district offices must ensure that the provisions of Bavarian burial law are complied with. They can issue the necessary orders in individual cases.

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Coroner's report and burial; application for permission for burial outside a cemetery

As a rule, the bodies and ashes of deceased persons must be buried in cemeteries. Permission for burial outside a cemetery may be requested in exceptional cases.

Service, Mortuary passport, Coroner's inquest, Autopsy certificate, Death, Death certificate

Death certificate; forwarding

The death certificate is issued by the doctor who diagnoses the death and carries out the post-mortem examination. It serves as the basis for registering the death and must be submitted to the registry office.

Service, die, Notification of a death, show, inform, Registry office, Death book, Death, dead, Certificate, die, Deceased

Death; notification

The death of a person must be reported to the registry office in whose jurisdiction they died. Funeral homes, hospitals, retirement and nursing homes and other institutions are obliged to notify the registry office.

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Mortuary passport; application for issue

A corpse passport is required for repatriations within Germany or abroad if the country to which the body is to be repatriated or a country touched during the journey requires a corpse passport.

Transfer of corpses; application for transportation in another vehicle

You can commission a funeral home to transport a body. Such companies have the appropriate vehicles for this purpose.