Certificate of good conduct; application for a European Certificate of Good Conduct

The European Certificate of Good Conduct does not have to be applied for. When a certificate of good conduct is issued to nationals of other EU Member States, the entries in the criminal record of the Member State of origin are recorded in full.

Stand: 13.11.2023. Link zum BayernPortal

Online procedure

Online certificate of good conduct (central online portal)

To be able to submit an electronic application for a certificate of good conduct via the online portal of the Federal Office of Justice, you need

  • a new ID card, an eID card with a domestic address or an electronic residence permit, each with the online ID function activated,
  • a card reader to read the ID document,
  • the AusweisApp2 and
  • if necessary, a digital capture device (e.g. scanner or digital camera) to upload evidence.
Editorially responsible: Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior, for Sport and Integration (see BayernPortal)

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