Large and heavy transports; application for a permit or exemption

A permit is required for the movement of vehicles whose dimensions, axle loads or total weights exceed the limits generally permitted by law or whose design does not provide the driver with a sufficient field of vision.

Stand: 05.03.2024. Link zum BayernPortal

Online procedure

Procedure management for oversized and heavy transports (VEMAGS®) - online processing of the application and approval procedure for oversized and heavy transports

VEMAGS® is an acronym for "VErfahrensMAnagement für Großraum- und Schwertransporte". For vehicles that are wider, longer, higher or heavier than specified in the road traffic regulations, the special permit to participate in road traffic can be applied for online.

Editorially responsible: Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior, for Sport and Integration (see BayernPortal)

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