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Marriage in Erlangen

Dear wedding couple,

Welcome to our topic page "Marriage in Erlangen".

Here we provide you with an overview of the various wedding halls in the city of Erlangen and the individual wedding dates. In addition to the modern wedding room in the town hall, you can also say "I do" in some historic halls in the city.

The Orangerie, the Bürgerpalais Stutterheim, the Egloffstein'sche Palais and the City Museum in Erlangen are available on selected dates. On our theme page you will find pictures of the individual locations and details of the wedding procedure to give you a first impression.

Your wedding ceremony is a matter close to our hearts. We look forward to welcoming you to Erlangen on this special day.

Your registry office Erlangen

Wedding dates

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Online wedding calendar

You want to get married? Here you can reserve a desired date for your wedding ceremony online. Use the option to search for available dates in all locations for a specific date, or find available dates for a specific wedding location.

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Forced marriage; counseling

Victims Women and girls threatened or affected by forced marriage can seek advice.
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Marriage abroad; application for a certificate of no impediment to marriage

You can apply for a certificate of no impediment to marriage or the establishment of a civil partnership abroad.
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Marriage abroad; application for subsequent certification in the German marriage register

A marriage abroad can be subsequently notarized in the German marriage register.
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Marriage at home and abroad; consummation

In principle, a marriage can be concluded at any German registry office. A marriage abroad is recognized if it was concluded before the competent authority.

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Marriage; registration

The couple must register the marriage at the registry office so that it can check whether the legal requirements for the marriage have been met.

Marriage department


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