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Chimney sweeping work; notification if not required

If the chimney sweeping work to be carried out is not carried out or not proven to the authorized district chimney sweep within the deadline, the latter shall report this to the responsible district administrative authority.

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Chimney sweeping; information

The tasks of chimney sweeps range from initial acceptance when installing or modifying combustion systems to regular sweeping and inspections and regular measurement of exhaust gas values in accordance with immission control legislation.

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Clean air plans; preparation

If immission limit values for air pollutants are exceeded, clean air plans must be drawn up with suitable measures to permanently reduce air pollution.

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Combustion plants; display

If you operate a medium-sized combustion plant, gas turbine or internal combustion engine plant, you must notify the competent authority.


Equipment and machine noise protection; application for a special permit

If the operation of loud machinery and equipment outside the permitted times is absolutely necessary for important reasons, an exemption may be granted in individual cases.
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Evaporative cooling systems, cooling towers and wet separators; displays and notifications

Operators of evaporative cooling systems, cooling towers and wet separators are obliged, among other things, to apply the state of the art during construction and operation and to implement organizational measures.

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Housing modernization; support from the municipality

Some municipalities or municipal associations grant their citizens aid for home modernization.

Immission control; advice and information

The responsible immission control authorities advise citizens and plant operators on immission control issues.
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Immission control; application for a permit for the construction and operation of a plant

The construction, operation and significant modification of certain industrial plants that may have a harmful impact on the environment require a permit under immission control legislation.
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Immission control; information on the inspection and monitoring of installations

In particular, systems requiring approval are regularly inspected to ensure that they comply with the legal regulations and the approval notice. They can also be inspected for special reasons.

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Immission control; issuing orders

The competent authority can also issue subsequent orders for approved installations.


Immission control; notification of the appointment of an immission control officer and/or hazardous incident officer

If you need to appoint a new immission control and/or hazardous incident officer for your company or operating area, or if there are changes in their area of responsibility, you must notify the responsible immission control authority.


Immission control; ordering of investigations and tests by measuring stations or experts

In order to determine emissions and immissions and to carry out safety tests, the competent authority may order notified measuring points or experts to take action.

Immission control; review of plant safety and accident prevention

Certain companies with particularly high hazard potential (operating areas) are subject to the Major Accidents Ordinance.


Industrial emissions; plant monitoring

Installations which, due to their nature or operation, are particularly likely to cause harmful environmental impacts on the air, soil or water are regularly monitored by the competent authorities.

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Radioactivity; consulting

The environmental protection engineers of the district administrative authorities also advise the population on the effects of ionizing radiation.