Trade register extract; application

The trade register is a list kept by the municipal authorities of the commercial businesses registered in the municipality. Public and non-public bodies as well as private individuals can obtain an extract from the trade register on request.
Stand: 18.01.2024. Link zum BayernPortal

Online procedure

Trade register of the municipality; apply for online information

You can use this online application to apply for trade register information from the municipality.

Citizen-friendly and digital: simply complete this online application directly via your internet browser. In many cases, this will save you a trip to the authorities.

Editorially responsible: Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy (see BayernPortal)

Department of Public Safety and Order

The Public Safety and Order Department is part of the Citizens' Office of the City of Erlangen and performs the various tasks of the regulatory authority.

The road traffic authority is exclusively responsible for matters relating to road traffic (in particular road traffic regulations, road markings, parking spaces, stopping restrictions, access permits).


The City of Erlangen is not responsible for matters relating to parking tickets.
Please contact the Zweckverband Kommunale Verkehrsüberwachung für den Großraum Nürnberg.


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