Citizen's allowance; application

If you do not have enough money to cover your own living expenses, you can apply for citizen's allowance.

Stand: 10.04.2024. Link zum BayernPortal

Online procedure

Apply for Citizen's Income online

You can complete and submit this online service directly via your internet browser. For a fully digital application, you need to log in with an electronic ID document.

Apply online for citizen's allowance

You can use this online application to apply for continued entitlement to Citizen's Allowance.

Citizen-friendly and digital: simply complete this online application directly via your internet browser. In many cases, this will save you a trip to the authorities.

Jobcenter contact form

You can use this online contact form to send a message to the Erlangen Jobcenter conveniently via your Internet browser.
Editorially responsible: Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (see BayernPortal)

Citizen's income


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