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Cemetery fee statutes

Stand: 28.05.2024

Fee statutes for the burial and cemetery statutes of the City of Erlangen dated 26.07.2018 in the version dated 28.10.2021

§ 1 Charging of fees
§ 2 Charges
§ 3 Grave fees, general
§ 4 Grave fees for family graves
§ 5 Grave fees for other gravesites
§ 6 General burial fees
§ 7 Special burial fees
§ 8 Other fees
§ 9 Reduction and exemption from fees
§ 10 Incurrence of the fee debt
§ 11 Debtor of fees
§ 12 Due date for payment of fees
§ 13 Entry into force

The Funeral and Cemetery Statutes of the City of Erlangen can be found here: Funeral and Cemetery Statutes
The ordinance on mortuary services can be found here: Mortuary ordinance

If you have any questions, please contact the registry office and cemetery administration.

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Cemetery fee statutes

Gebührensatzung zur Bestattungs- und Friedhofssatzung der Stadt Erlangen vom 26.07.2018 i. d. F. vom 28.10.2021

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