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Parking in Erlangen

Stand: 10.07.2024

In public parking lots in the city centre, charges will be one euro for the first half hour from March. For each additional hour, the charge will be 2.60 euros per hour. The fee for the large parking lot is 1.50 euros per hour.

There is free capacity in the multi-storey and underground parking lots around Erlangen city center at all times of the day. From there, shops, restaurants and cultural institutions can be easily reached on foot or by bus in the free city center area. All parking spaces are signposted.

Get around the city center quickly and easily without having to search for a parking space

Since January 1, 2024, it has been "free travel" on all bus routes within the free city center area. Anyone who wants to travel can simply hop on. There is no need to buy a ticket.

Parking space concept pilot project Bohlenplatz

The city of Erlangen is also currently planning a pilot project for a new parking concept around Bohlenplatz. The aim is to reorganize the forms of parking management. Detailed information on the pilot project can be found under the following link Pilot project parking concept Bohlenplatz.

Information about parking in Erlangen

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Hugenottenplatz bus stop with two buses and passers-by

Free public transport in the city center

Change for free! Free travel on the buses in Erlangen city center. Travel comfortably and quickly in Erlangen city center without looking for a parking space. Since January 1, 2024, it's been "free travel" on all bus routes within the free Erlangen city center area.

A car and a sign for parking

City center without looking for a parking space

Since March, a new parking fee regulation has been in place to encourage drivers to park in the city center.


Pilot project parking space concept Bohlenplatz

The city of Erlangen is planning to restructure the parking facilities at Bohlenplatz with a pilot project.

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