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Construction sites in Erlangen

Around 120,000 people live in our city. In addition, there are several thousand professionals who come to work in Erlangen every day. They are all on the move every day - on their way to work, to university, to the shops, to the theater, to school. And they are on the move on foot, by bike, by motorcycle, by car, by bus. To ensure that everyone reaches their destination safely, the city council is improving and renewing the road network, including footpaths and cycle paths.

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Roadworks, road closures, obstructions

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Seven buses are parked next to each other.

Free line 299 (City Line)

A connection from attractive and important points in the city center and at the same time to regional transport to the west and east.

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Promotion of cargo bikes

As in previous years, the city of Erlangen has once again launched a funding program this year.

Train travels through the countryside.

Referendum on urban-urban rail

Answers to important questions.

Parking lot sign.
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Parking in Erlangen

In public parking lots in the city centre, charges will be one euro for the first half hour from March. For each additional hour, the charge will be 2.60 euros per hour. The fee for the large parking lot is 1.50 euros per hour.


"Road of the future" research project

The city of Erlangen has participated in the "Road of the Future" research project in recent years. The aim of the project was to gain scientific insights into how municipalities can be supported in the planning and implementation of resource-efficient roads.

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Architectural Advisory Board

As an advisory body to the city, the Architectural Advisory Board provides expert opinions on architectural issues and urban development plans that are important for the preservation or further development of Erlangen's cityscape.