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Barbecue areas & leisure facilities in the city

Especially when the weather is nice, we enjoy the days outside - doing sports, partying or simply relaxing on the grass.

There are many great options in Erlangen. During the day, Bohlenplatz is a great place in the middle of the city for sports and games or simply a picnic. But beware: there is a ban on barbecues and alcohol. Between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., special consideration must also be given to local residents. There are great alternatives with the barbecue areas in the city. Our interactive map shows you where they are located.

Erlangen also offers numerous opportunities to spend your free time together outdoors in the countryside. Whether playing, doing sports or lying in the sun - our leisure facilities invite you to linger.

But one request: Please be considerate of your surroundings in all places where you spend time - in other words, please avoid noise and dirt. Thank you for taking part.

City map with public barbecue areas

Barbecue areas & leisure facilities (A-Z)


Ahornweg playground and football pitch

Football pitch and playground with double swing, spring rockers, playhouse, rope snake, climbing-slide combination, toddler swing and table tennis table.

Leisure facility, Streetball, Queen's swing, Fireplace

Am Dummetsweiher leisure center - Holzweg-Nord

Leisure area with streetball baskets and queen's swing; use of the fire pit by appointment only until 22:00. No parking facilities.

eagle meadow

Anschützstraße playground and football pitch - Adlerwiese

Playground and football pitch with two soccer pitches, a large rope circus and a double ropeway.

Playing field in a leisure facility
Leisure facility

Bayernstraße leisure center

The Bayernstraße leisure facility is located in the Wiesengrund to the north of the Neumühlensteg. It is particularly suitable for small private parties, children's birthday parties, kindergarten parties and school outings. In addition to a play area with a tire swing and a tire swing, there is also a football pitch, a beach volleyball court and a fire pit.

Sign indicating bird breeding season

Bird breeding season

Protection for numerous bird species: From March 1 to July 31, it is not permitted to leave the official paths in the entire nature reserve. Dog owners are also not allowed to let their dogs run free during this time.

Leisure facility

Dechsendorfer Weiher leisure facility

The local recreation area at Dechsendorfer Weiher offers various leisure activities along the lakeside promenade. On the west bank there is a bathing area with showers, sanitary facilities, a kiosk and boat hire.


Donato-Polli-Strasse skate park

Skate park next to the West Youth Center

Leisure facility, Playground, Toboggan hill, Ball field, Double cable car

Dresselweg playground

Leisure facility with playground, toboggan hill, ball field and exercise and balancing area. The playground is equipped with a climbing/sliding combination for schoolchildren, a double ropeway, trampoline, queen's swing, toddler swing and a sand play combination for pre-school children.

Table tennis table


Small park in the center of the Buckenhofer settlement with table tennis table

Climbing frame, Streetball court, Playgrounds

Handtuchwiese leisure facility - Meilwald

Recreational area with playground and football pitch, start of the fitness trail.


Imhoffweg playground and football pitch

Playground with a large rope circus with slide, a trampoline, a nest basket swing, a sand play slide combination for pre-school children. Football pitch with two soccer goals, three basketball hoops on an asphalt surface and two table tennis tables.


Junkerstraße playground and football pitch

Playground with double swing, table tennis table, spring seesaw, climbing/sliding combination and football pitch with basketball hoop.

Lewin-Poeschke plant_1
Spacious green area with toboggan hill, Electric grill station, Play area with various swings

Lewin-Poeschke plant

The Lewin-Poeschke-Anlage, also known as the "Bürgermeistersteg", is one of Erlangen's most popular meeting places and is located in the northern extension of Loewenichstraße between Ebrardstraße and Hindenburgstraße.

Lewin-Poeschke plant_1

Mayor's footbridge becomes a pure leisure facility

Toilet facilities and garbage bins planned during the Bergkirchweih.


Meilwaldbühne leisure center

The leisure facility at the Meilwaldbühne is suitable for private parties and offers, among other things, water and electricity connections as well as mobile toilets.


Mönaustraße leisure sports facility

Recreational sports facility with inline field hockey, streetball and football pitch, climbing rock, table tennis tables, boules pitch and covered seating area.


Playground Franzosenweg-North

Playground with table tennis tables, standing seesaw, horizontal bars and football pitch.


Playground Franzosenweg-Süd

Forest playground on Franzosenweg north of Weinstraße with hut, play combination and rope tow.

Recreational sports facility Äußere Nürnberger Straße - Alte B4

Recreational sports facility Äußere Nürnberger Straße - Alte B4

Toboggan hill, streetball and football pitch, swings

Playground, Football pitch

Ritzerstraße football pitch

Soccer pitch with soccer goals

Beach volleyball

Silbergrasweg recreational sports facility

Recreational area with play facilities for children and young people.

Beach volleyball court

Site at the Röthelheimpark meeting point

Freely accessible outdoor area to the east of the Röthelheimpark meeting point with slackline posts, wooden shelter and seating. The fire pit can be reserved via the Röthelheimpark meeting point.

Leisure facility_Sylvaniastrasse_1

Sylvaniastraße leisure center

The Sylvaniastraße leisure facility is divided into a southern and a northern area. Between the two parts is a fenced football pitch with four soccer goals.


Toboggan hill in the Brucker Lache

Hidden toboggan hill in the middle of the forest, north-east of the Bierweg / Franzosenweg junction.

Pull sledges

Toboggan hill Silbergrasweg

Popular toboggan hill on the edge of the nature reserve

Green meadow with trees

Wöhrmühle leisure facility

The Wöhrmühle leisure facility is located on the site of the former campsite. The large meadow with a few shady trees can be reached in a few minutes on foot or by bike from the city center and is idyllically situated directly on the Regnitz. Here you can enjoy the summer in the city outdoors. There is also a mobile toilet at the leisure facility.

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