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Guide for people with disabilities

The advice guide provides an overview of the wide range of professional and voluntary advice and support options and is therefore a supplement to the Erlangen city map and city guide for people with disabilities.

In the individual chapters you will find addresses and offers of facilities. All organizations, associations, facilities and self-help groups known to us that have provided brief information about their services have been included.



Advice and help, self-help

Contacts and contact persons.


Determination of a disability

Information on the determination of the degree of disability (GdB) and decision on other health characteristics (markings) for claiming compensation for disadvantages.



Inclusive kindergarten Büchenbach - integrative

Inclusive kindergarten with therapeutic services (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy). In our kindergarten, 40 children are looked after in 2 groups until they start school. 10 places are reserved for children with special educational needs.

A group of children in kindergarten

Inclusive kindergarten Donato-Polli-Straße - Integrative

The inclusive kindergarten in Donato-Polli-Strasse is home to two groups of children.

The kindergarten in Naturbadstraße

Kindergarten Naturbadstraße - Integratives Kinderhaus Eidechsen

The kindergarten at the Eidechsen integrative children's home in Naturbadstraße focuses on Montessori and inclusion.

The logo of the Waldorf kindergartens

Kindergarten Noetherstraße - Waldorf

The Waldorf kindergarten in Noetherstrasse is home to three groups of children and a crèche group.

Children playing outside

Kindergarten Rötelheimpark - integrative

In our kindergarten, 80 children are looked after in 4 groups until they start school. 20 places are reserved for children with special educational needs.


Mooswichtel forest kindergarten - integrative

Forest kindergarten and crèche Erlangen Brucker Lache - integrative

The logo of the Waldorf kindergartens

Waldorf Kindergarten Pfaffweg

The Waldorf kindergarten in Pfaffweg is home to one group of children.


Service, Adaptation of living space for the disabled, Handicapped accessible equipment, Homes for severely disabled people, Ramp for wheelchair users, Housing subsidy, Housing promotion, Housing promotion

Owner-occupied housing for people with disabilities; application for funding for adaptation

The Free State of Bavaria promotes the adaptation of owner-occupied housing (own house or owner-occupied apartment) for people with disabilities.

Leistung mit Onlineverfahren
Service, Online service, international blue parking permit, Parking facilitation, Parking permit, park, Resident card

Parking permit for severely disabled people; application

Specially marked parking spaces for severely disabled persons are intended exclusively for use by certain severely disabled persons. The required parking permit can be applied for from the municipality of residence if the medical requirements are met.

Service, Disability-friendly adaptation of rental apartments, Rental apartments for people with disabilities, Housing subsidy, Housing promotion, Housing promotion

Rental apartments for people with disabilities; application for funding for adaptation

The adaptation of rented accommodation to the needs of people with disabilities (Section 2 (1) of the Ninth Book of the German Social Code) can be funded.

Service, Home supervision

Specialist units for care and disability facilities; reporting grievances and providing advice

You can report any shortcomings in care facilities and special forms of integration assistance to the specialist office, which is based at the district administrative authority. It advises residents, relatives, facilities, forms of housing and providers, among others

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The advice guide does not claim to be exhaustive. We ask for your opinion on the articles and welcome any suggestions and additions, which we will be happy to take into account in an updated new edition. We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this guide with their suggestions.

E-mail: behindertenberatung@stadt.erlangen.de

Last update of the guide: September 2021

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We are part of the Office for Equal Opportunities and Diversity. Feel free to contact us if you need advice on inclusion.


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