Parents with a disabled child.

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People with disabilities


Erlangen is a city for everyone and has always been "open by tradition". Inclusion and accessibility are therefore very important, as this is the only way for people with disabilities to participate in everyday life in our city.

On the topic page of the online guide for people with disabilities, you will find interesting and useful information on the subject of inclusion and participation in Erlangen.

The topic page "Erlangen Barrier-free" shows important information about accessibility in Erlangen.

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Topic page

Barrier-free Erlangen

Inclusion only works if people with disabilities are able to participate in everyday life in our city. Accessibility is a prerequisite for this. Here you can find out what is accessible in Erlangen and how you can achieve accessibility.

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Guide for people with disabilities

The Erlangen advice guide for people with disabilities is intended to be an information aid for people in Erlangen, their relatives, carers or assistants. It also serves as a reference work in advisory situations for all helpers, authorities and welfare organizations.

Information & support

Latest news

Training program, Training program of the City Youth Welfare Office, Training program 2024, Training opportunities, Training program for daycare centers

Training program for the City Youth Welfare Office 2024

The further training program of the City Youth Welfare Office includes courses for employees of the City Youth Welfare Office in various areas of work as well as for employees of independent daycare facilities.

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FAQ Kitafinder

Do you have questions about the Kitafinder? You can find the answers and further information here.

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Free daycare places

Here you will find the facilities that currently offer free childcare places. We currently have vacancies in two crèches from September 2024.


Care requests

Here you will find answers to your questions about making care requests.

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Tackling the climate budget

The application deadline for the next funding period is March 1, 2025!

Help shape Erlangen!

Shape Erlangen

"Future elementary school and all-day care" program

By 2026, all-day education and childcare for schoolchildren is to be guaranteed by a legal entitlement. This means that the city of Erlangen is obliged to consider ways of ensuring that youth welfare services and schools can meet this legal entitlement, to take appropriate measures and, in particular, to make elementary school "structurally fit" for this.
Shape Erlangen

Conversion of the Frankenhof into a cultural and educational campus (KuBiC)

Erlangen is getting a new cultural center, the Kultur- und Bildungscampus Frankenhof (KuBiC). The music school, the adult education center, the youth art school, the German-French Institute with a day care center, a guest house, a bistro, event halls and club rooms will all find a home here in the future.
Shape Erlangen

Dechsendorfer Weiher playground - west bank

On the west bank of the Dechsendorfer Weiher, an attractive, contemporary and safe play and recreation area for children and families is being created on an area of around 400 square meters.


We are part of the Office for Equal Opportunities and Diversity. Feel free to contact us if you need advice on inclusion.


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