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Senior Citizens' Advisory Council

We are an expert committee that advises the city administration and the city council on all matters relating to senior citizens and represents the interests of older citizens. We are non-partisan, non-denominational, independent and intergenerational.

We welcome suggestions and help with problems.

Achievements to date


Joint decision on "live-in" care

Seniors' Advisory Council and Foreigners' and Integration Advisory Council for fair conditions for "live-in" care


Objections from the Senior Citizens' Advisory Council - Parking

Statement on the processing of the SBE application "Parking regulation"

Information from the Seniors' Advisory Council

Seniors' Advisory Council at the Office for Volunteering

Seniors' Advisory Council on the road

"Come on in: The Office for Citizen Participation and Volunteering opens its doors."

Lifelong learning

Events organized by the senior citizens' advisory board at the vhs Erlangen

There are also many events in the summer semester in cooperation with the Seniors' Advisory Council

Analog and digital

Request from the Seniors' Advisory Council - Non-digital processing

The committee draws the administration's attention to the necessity of the analog route.

Helferkreis St. Heinrich Seniors' Café Ukraine

Seniors' Café Ukraine - Welcome to our meetings

Dates for the Seniors' Café Ukraine organized by the Seniors' Advisory Council, the St. Heinrich Seniors' Club and the St. Heinrich Helpers' Circle invites Ukrainians to the St. Heinrich parish (Möhrendorfer Straße 31 a) every two weeks to exchange ideas and get to know each other over tea, coffee and cake.


Great recognition for the Erlangen Seniors' Advisory Council

This year's Rotary Prize 2023 went to the Ukraine Seniors' Café, among others.

People sitting at the table

Working groups of the Seniors' Advisory Council

Four working groups, their priorities and dates

Barrier-free wheelchair symbol

Overview of accessibility in the Erlangen banks

Helpful information from the Seniors' Advisory Council

People sitting at the table

Together you are less alone

Meeting places to combat loneliness and offers from the district of Middle Franconia

Contact us

Seniors' Advisory Council Office


Rathausplatz 1
91052 Erlangen


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Montag: 09:30 - 15:00 Uhr
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