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Stand: 06.02.2023

Timetable Climate Awakening

The logo of the Erlangen Climate AwakeningWith the Climate Awakening Roadmap, a unique project has been launched in Erlangen: an entire city is embarking on the path to climate neutrality. The city of Erlangen decided to take a novel and bold path: together with science, citizens* and relevant parties (so-called "stakeholders" ) the best climate protection solutions for Erlangen were sought in several meetings: a jointly developed roadmap with 41 climate protection measures, which show how climate neutrality can be achieved in Erlangen.

 In the fall of 2022 the City Council decided to make the measures in the Climate Awakening Roadmap the basis for further action and to further specify them in the coming years.

City contract climate

Climate protection can only be achieved together: citizens*, companies, associations and many more are called upon to join the climate awakening. This can be done by signing the "City Contract Climate" and making your own contribution to climate protection. The City Contract Climate is the place where the climate protection contributions of citizens*, companies, associations, science, initiatives and many more are published. It is a growing documentation and at the same time a pool of ideas, how each and every individual can make a big difference in the everyday.

Full speed ahead - departure towards climate neutrality

Three flags for climate awakeningNow the climate awakening can begin. Everyone is called upon to participate in the implementation of the measures and thus in the climate awakening. The city government is moving forward and starting to implement 14+ measures in 2023. At the same time, the other measures are being fleshed out so that they can be implemented in the next few years. However, to do this, human and financial resources must be further expanded. This year, for example, 17.5 new positions were created for the climate awakening and the financial resources for climate protection were further increased. In 2023, for example, €300,000 will be available for the installation of photovoltaic systems on municipal buildings, and €2.5 million will be available for grants for the "CO2 reduction in buildings" program for citizens who want to renovate their homes or install a photovoltaic system on their roofs.

More about the climate awakening


Departure towards climate neutrality

The Roadmap Climate Awakening has been drawn up and 41 climate protection measures have been developed - where do we go from here? The municipality is moving forward and will start implementing 14+ measures in 2023. At the same time, the other measures will be concretized in order to be able to implement them in the next few years. Here you can find a description of the 14 lighthouse measures.

Roadmap Climate Awakening - Erlangen's Path to Climate Neutrality

How were the 41 climate protection measures for Erlangen developed and what exactly is in the Roadmap Climate Awakening? Here you will find all the information about the development of the Roadmap Climate Awakening.

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The City Contract Climate - Your Contribution to the Climate Awakening

The time has come: The City Climate Agreement has been published and now it's up to you! Show what contribution you personally (or your institution) would like to make to the climate awakening and join the great climate movement.

Show that you are part of the climate awakening!

Are you organizing an event, a project or an action on climate protection? You would like to contribute something to the Climate Awakening? Then you are cordially invited to show that you are part of the Climate Awakening: Use the Climate Awakening signet in green for the city administration and in purple for the city community.

Support programs in the area of climate protection

Whether it's a photovoltaic system on the roof, a new bicycle trailer or your own climate protection project - the city of Erlangen supports you in protecting the climate with various funding programs.

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