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Waste guide 2024

Stand: 28.05.2024

It offers dates for waste collection and provides information on ordering waste garbage cans and containers as well as opening hours.

Printed waste guide

The waste guide, which is produced by the city's Environmental Protection and Energy Department, contains all the dates for the collection of paper garbage cans and yellow sacks/yellow garbage cans, as well as other dates for the current calendar year, such as green waste collections and Christmas tree collections. It also provides information on ordering waste garbage cans and containers as well as the opening hours and telephone numbers of the waste management facilities.

The waste guide is available as an accessible document (PDF) here:

Waste guide (PDF)

Tips, dates and information

Here you can find out how to separate your waste correctly and when the waste garbage cans are emptied or collected. You will also find interesting news, useful tips and all the information you need about ordering waste garbage cans and the associated fees.

Illegal waste dumping: Danger to people and the environment

To protect people and the environment, the Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act stipulates that waste must be disposed of properly. This law is increasingly being violated by illegal waste dumping.

This involves, for example, bulky waste, car tires, household waste or demolition materials that are dumped haphazardly. This is particularly harmful to the environment in the case of so-called hazardous waste such as asbestos, artificial mineral fibers and oil. This unauthorized waste disposal causes considerable damage to soil, plants, animals and water.

From fines to imprisonment

Depending on the type of waste, it is either an administrative offense punishable by a fine of up to 100,000 euros or, in the case of hazardous waste, a criminal offense punishable by a fine or a prison sentence of up to five years.

Illegal waste dumping can be reported to:

City of Erlangen, Office for Environmental Protection and Energy Issues, telephone 09131 - 863363, e-mail: umweltamt@stadt.erlangen.de
Erlangen city police station, telephone 09131 - 760-0

Biowaste: Valuable raw material for bioenergy and compost

The correct filling of organic waste garbage cans is the focus of the city of Erlangen on several levels. To ensure that biodegradable waste is optimally recycled into biogas (energy) and compost, a new sticker provides information on what should and should not be put in the bin. You can obtain it free of charge from the waste advisory service at the Office for Environmental Protection and Energy Issues.

In addition to the "Biotonne Deutschland" campaign, which is aimed at all those who want to do better, there will also be an occasional inspection of the garbage cans. In the event of significant misfilling, emptying will be refused and a second sticker will show what was wrong and what needs to be done now.

A contribution to climate protection

The recycler in Strullendorf produces green, renewable and CO2-neutral energy from the clean organic waste in Erlangen's organic waste garbage cans.

CO2-neutral compost

The residual organic matter is processed into fertilizer in the form of compost and compost soil. This closes the cycle completely. The compost can replace a large proportion of peat soil. This protects the climate because the CO2 it contains is not released as peat is not used.

Sustainable electrical energy and heat

The green biogas is used to generate electrical energy for around 8,000 to 9,000 residents. This replaces a high proportion of fossil fuels such as heating oil. The "by-product" heat generated is used by the Erlangen biowaste recycler to heat a large nursery in the immediate vicinity. This saves around 500,000 liters of heating oil per year.

Garden waste, green waste and Erlangen compost

Collection dates for garden waste

Garden waste is collected on four Saturdays in the fall. Employees from the waste management/street cleaning department will collect your garden waste in normal household quantities free of charge at numerous locations throughout the city on the following dates from 10:00 to 15:00: October 5, 12, 19 and 26, 2024. Each location is only served once.

Please take larger quantities of garden waste directly to the composting plant. Free delivery by private households is possible there on the collection Saturdays.

Detailed information on self-delivery to the composting plant.

TIP: Our delivery service for Erlangen compost

Containers for garden waste

For a flat-rate fee, you can order a 7.7 m3 container for garden waste from the waste management company all year round. Phone 09131 - 86-2015, Fax 09131 - 86-2044

Christmas tree collection

The collection takes place together with the emptying of the organic waste garbage cans. Please remove all tree decorations! Dates 2025: January 13 to 18

Bulky waste

Every household in Erlangen can dispose of bulky waste free of charge. There is a choice between collection at home (once a year) and self-delivery to the Erlangen transfer station.

More information.

TIP: Exchange or give away used items

Use the free exchange and gift exchange(www.erlanger-verschenkboerse.de).

The Sozialkaufhaus Erlangen(www.sozialkaufhaus-erlangen.de) collects furniture and electrical appliances in good condition free of charge. Phone: 09131 - 86 4500

The Umsonstladen on Hauptstraße 84 wants to show a completely different side of consumption with its exchange concept and offer a sustainable alternative to the throwaway society.(Erlangen Umsonstladen)

Disposal of special waste


Batteries and rechargeable batteries often still contain toxic substances. This is why they must not be disposed of with household waste, but must be returned to the retailer. In all stores that sell batteries, you will find a collection container for taking them back free of charge. Also in the town hall and in the entrance area of the small town hall at Schuhstraße 40 as well as at the Erlangen transfer station.

If you buy a new starter battery for your car, you will have to pay a deposit of 7.50 euros if you do not return an old one.

Disposal of other special waste

  • Toner cartridges and printer cartridges
  • Old medication: Disposal via the residual waste bin
  • Old tires: Customer: tire dealers
  • CDs/DVDs/Blu-rays: Disposal via the recyclables collection containers at specialist retailers. More information
  • Emulsion paints: Disposal via the residual waste garbage can (allow to dry out)
  • Compressed gas cylinders: Recipients: manufacturers and distributors
  • Wood preservatives and paint residues (dried up): Disposal via the residual waste bin
  • Frying fat and cooking oil: Disposal via the green collection machines in the city area and at the Erlangen transfer station
  • Ammunition and explosive devices: Please contact the police. Telephone 09131 - 760-0
  • Animal cadavers: Collector: Zweckverband Tierkörperbeseitigung Nordbayern. More information

Electrical and electronic waste, energy-saving lamps and fluorescent tubes

According to the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG), all discarded electrical and electronic equipment must be collected and recycled separately.
More information.

Hazardous waste

Hazardous waste includes, for example, paint or asbestos. Under no circumstances may it be disposed of with residual waste or recyclables. Hazardous waste contains harmful substances that must be collected and disposed of separately. It must also not be left unattended at the roadside! Please leave the hazardous waste in the original containers and do not mix the different materials.

Drop off at the collection point for hazardous waste at the Erlangen transfer station

In addition to electrical appliances and recyclables, you can also deliver your hazardous waste (maximum 20 liters per fraction) free of charge.

Waste oil

The term used oil includes not only engine oils, but also lubricating oils, grinding oils and hydraulic oils, for example. This waste must not be disposed of in the sewage system.
Disposal: All dealers who sell oils are obliged to take back the same amount of used oil free of charge. When you buy engine oil, you will receive a receipt (keep it in a safe place) for the return of the same amount of used oil. Used oil in normal household quantities can also be disposed of at the Erlangen transfer station (maximum 20 liters). More information


The strictest guidelines must be observed when disposing of asbestos. Detailed information on the handling and disposal of asbestos can be found here.
If you have any questions, please contact the waste advisory service of the waste management association: Phone 09131 - 71570

Emptying and collection dates

All dates at a glance: The Erlangen waste calendar

You can find the emptying and collection dates, as well as information on ordering waste containers and other information in the waste calendar.

To the waste calendar & dates

Waste disposal fees

You can find detailed information on all fees in the waste management fee statutes.

To the waste management fee statutes

Which waste goes where? Garbage cans, containers & co briefly explained

More about waste management

Small green dustbin.
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Waste ABC

You can find the ABC of waste in our Erlangen waste calendar. Sorted alphabetically, you will find everything that is important, for example collection dates, yellow bags, bulky waste and waste campaigns.

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Garbage, waste & recycling

Much of what ends up as waste can be recycled. The prerequisite for this is consistent waste separation. You can find out everything else you need to know about waste and recycling in Erlangen on this page.



Food and drinks to go - without disposable waste. Available in many Erlangen cafés, bakeries and restaurants.


Waste concept for events

No mountains of waste due to disposable packaging at Erlangen events. Therefore, please avoid waste and thus conserve resources.

Logo of the Stattplan Erlangen.

Stattplan Erlangen - the fair city map

In the Stattplan you will find fair and sustainable places in Erlangen city center. Clearly grouped, you can find retailers with fair trade products, repair options, packaging arms, etc.

pdf, 503 KB, Waste, Waste guide, 2024

Waste guide 2024

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