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New in Erlangen?

Stand: 13.06.2024

With around 120,000 inhabitants, the Huguenot city is the smallest large city in Bavaria, but it is a great place to live.

Greetings from the Lord Mayor

Oberbürgermeister Florian Janik Welcome to a diverse and international city, because people from over 140 countries live in Erlangen. We all enjoy being at home here. "Open by tradition" is our motto - we don't just say it, we try to live it every day. I am delighted that you have also chosen Erlangen as your place of residence and that you will be calling Erlangen your home from now on.

We work together at small and large companies in the city that make Erlangen attractive to people from all over the world. We learn and research together at the many schools, the Friedrich-Alexander University and the research institutes in the city. Ideas and innovations see the light of day here every day, and some of them become real success stories. Erlangen is lucky to be home to so many bright minds.

We enjoy coming together at the Bergkirchweih, at exciting festivals such as the Comic Salon, the Poetry Festival or the Puppet Theater Festival and, last but not least, in the many sports, cultural and leisure clubs. We are committed and this is what makes Erlangen a city worth living in and loving. All of this connects us in Erlangen.

But that's not all: in Erlangen we can continue to shape the biggest urban transformation since the Second World War despite the global crises. We are investing 117.9 million euros this year. This was decided by a large majority of the city council on January 11. Major projects include investments in daycare centers, the youth sector, schools, the footpath and cycle path network and the environment. As the city council and city administration, we are setting the course to ensure that the positive development of our city can continue. This includes making our infrastructure fit for the future.

When you are new to a city, you have many questions and lots of things to organize. We have compiled a lot of important information for you below to help you with this. Finally, once again: Welcome! I am sure that you will feel at home in our city.


Dr. Florian Janik
Lord Mayor

Life in Erlangen


Free public transport in the city center

Making bus travel in the city center as easy and convenient as possible.

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All information for cyclists and cyclists in Erlangen: Where can I park my bike? How can I apply for a grant for my cargo bike? Where are there cycle lanes?

Road Construction Card
Page, Building site, Building, Construction plan

Current construction sites

All current roadworks & closures in the city area.

Father carries twins through field.
Page, Parents, Children

Parents & children

Here you will find all the information and services you need on topics such as education, parenting, family and childcare or crises.

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You can experience a lot in Erlangen: in the theater, at concerts or at sports events. We want everyone in our city to be able to take part in these activities. That's why we have the ErlangenPass. You can get the ErlangenPass if you receive social benefits or are doing voluntary service. If you do not meet these requirements but have little money at your disposal, you can also apply for the ErlangenPass from April 1 by means of a calculation.

People sit in a circle and discuss.
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Helping to shape things on site

Take an active part in shaping Erlangen! What is currently being built in your district? Why is a road being closed here? All projects and plans at a glance on "Erlangen mitgestalten".

Person standing in front of a picture wall in an art gallery.
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Art & Culture

Information and current events in art and culture, festivals, cultural venues, museums, city library, cultural promotion, cultural education, cultural and creative industries, cultural policy guidelines...

Stage at the Theater Stadt Erlangen.
Page, events, Leisure time, Dates, Calendar of events

Calendar of events

Don't know what you want to do this evening or at the weekend? Whether exhibitions, festivals, offers for families, markets, sports and much more - Erlangen offers many possibilities for leisure activities. Let our calendar of events inspire you!

Market square with Pauli fountain and people
Places of interest, Tourism

Discover Erlangen

There is a lot to see in Bavaria's smallest city with around 120,000 inhabitants.

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Service portal of the city of Erlangen for citizens on the subject of relocation.

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Service portal

Our service portal for citizens. Would you like to apply for an ID card or passport? Or change your place of residence? Then you've come to the right place! On this page you will find all municipal services.

Vouchers are sold at a sales counter.

City voucher

Make other people happy.