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ErlangenPass - Concessions

The ErlangenPass is a social pass that makes it easier for people with a low income to participate in social life. Information on eligibility can be found on our services page.

The following discounts are available on presentation of the ErlangenPass.

New offers


Discover the diverse offers of the ErlangenPass

Here you will find all our new cooperation partners and their offers.

Meeting places


Bürgertreffs - the popular meeting places for everyone in the district

Get to know new neighbors and friends from your neighborhood at events, courses or open meetings!

Culture and education


Culture and education - offers that broaden your horizons and open up new opportunities in life

Get to know the wide variety of cultural and educational offers in Erlangen and the surrounding area and let yourself be inspired. Discover your interests on a foray through this chapter!



Sport and exercise - the key to physical and mental well-being

Take advantage of the offers in the "Sport and exercise" area to stay physically and mentally fit. Whether competitive sport or "just for fun", everyone will find an offer here!

Nutrition and health


Nutrition and health - important building blocks for a successful life

Find out how you can get healthy food on a budget and which low-cost offers can help you lead a healthy life!

Clothing and household

Shopping couple

Clothing and household - chic, functional, but still affordable

Take advantage of the opportunities to get help in the household or to shop cheaply: new or used, clothing, decoration, household goods or gifts - you will find the best addresses here. With second-hand items you not only save a lot of money, you also make a valuable contribution to sustainability!

Law and finance


Law and finance - Knowledge is money

Find out here how you can save money and what options you have to get your rights! Here you will also find further offers of support as well as subsidies and grants.


Bus travelers

Mobility - means flexibility and enables participation

Take advantage of the opportunity to travel cheaply by bus or try out alternatives to your own car. We show you how you can be mobile on a budget!

Leisure and vacations

Playing with the plane

Leisure time and vacations - make them attractive with little money

Discover affordable leisure activities and experience great adventures with your children. Many organizations also provide financial support so that all children can have fun during their vacations and free time!

Social counseling

Social counseling

Do you need information, advice, guidance, help or support and don't know where to turn? In the following section you will find various services with different focuses!



Are you looking for a new apartment or are you no longer satisfied with your living situation? Your rent is too expensive, the costs for electricity and heating are rising too much or you need help in your apartment? Here you can find out who can help you with all your housing issues!

Offers for children and young people


Offers for children and young people

Whether vacation program, events or courses - here you will find all ErlangenPass offers at a glance, which are especially suitable for the little ones and not so little ones.

Please note:
The Stadtjugendring Erlangen (SJR) supports most Erlangen youth associations that offer youth camps, camps, trips and youth education events with grants.

For children, teenagers and young adults with an Erlangen Pass, these grants are doubled, which means that the participation fee for them is reduced, in some cases considerably. Please enquire directly with the provider of the activity (e.g. youth sections of sports clubs, church youth groups, scouts, youth groups of rescue organizations, etc.).

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