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Binding development plans of the city of Erlangen

Stand: 28.05.2024

Here you will find the legally binding development plans of the city of Erlangen that have come into force by 01.03.2024.

Legal information and notes on use

The collection of legally binding development plans of the city of Erlangen is currently valid as of March 1, 2024 and is usually supplemented by the newly added plans of the current year by the end of December.

Older development plans were still drawn by hand. When digitizing these plans, color changes and distortions cannot be avoided in some cases or are altered by the settings of your computer, printer or screen.

The provision of the development plans on the Internet can therefore only be seen as initial information and is not suitable for measuring or surveying properties, streets and the like.

The BayernAtlas currently only provides access to the pure plan section of the development plan with its textual stipulations and procedural notes. However, a development plan is only valid in conjunction with the explanatory memorandum and the associated annexes. In addition, other statutes or ordinances may also apply, such as a redevelopment, conservation and/or open space design statute and/or the tree protection ordinance. In addition, DIN regulations and laws such as the Building Code (BauGB) or the Land Use Ordinance (BauNVO) must usually be consulted in order to fully determine the regulatory content of the development plan.

Dealing with and reading development plans therefore sometimes requires extensive specialist knowledge. For binding information and detailed questions about the development plan, please contact the responsible person in charge of the respective spatial district at the Office for Urban Planning and Mobility in Erlangen.


Development plan no. 472

- Haundorf-Häusling footpath and cycle path - legally binding since 07.12.2023


1.D BP No. E 226, BP No. E 228-A and 2. D BP No. E 264

- Eltersdorf industrial estate - legally binding since 15.12.2022

Development plan E232 2D
Development plan

2nd cover sheet for development plan no. E 232

- Südlicher Ahornweg - Legally binding since 03.11.2022

Development plan_330_1D

1st cover sheet for development plan no. 330

- Südliche Sieboldstraße - Legally binding since 22.09.2022

Development plan 412 1D

1st cover sheet for development plan no. 412

- Häuslinger Wegäcker West - Legally binding since 07.04.2022

Development plan 310 4D

4th cover sheet for development plan no. 310

- Jahn-Haagstraße - Legally binding since 07.04.2022

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