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Fish stocking; order and prohibition or application for authorization

Fish may only be released if this does not impair the conservation objective, in particular the abundance of species and the health of the fish stock.
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Fishing lease; filing and review

The fishing lease agreement leases the right to fish.
Service, Fisheries

Fishing levy; payment

The fishing license is only valid if proof of payment of the fishing tax has been provided for the period in question.
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Fishing license; application

The fishing license is a permit that allows the holder to fish or angling. The prerequisite is a passed fishing examination.
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Fishing; application for authorization to issue permits

Anyone who is not a fishing license holder or fishing leaseholder on a body of water must have a valid permit in addition to the fishing license. The issuer is the person entitled to fish or, with their consent, the fishing leaseholder.
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Game damage; registration

Authorized persons can report damage caused by game to the responsible municipality.

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Game enclosures; notification and application for a hunting permit

Game enclosures are completely enclosed areas on which predominantly wild animals that are subject to hunting rights are kept permanently or temporarily or are kept for hunting purposes.

Game meat; application for compensation payment

A compensation payment can be applied for from the lower hunting authority for game that is no longer usable.


Hunting activity in a pacified area; application for a permit

Hunting is suspended in pacified districts. The district administrative authority may authorize certain hunting activities.

Hunting cooperative; information on legal supervision

Owners of land belonging to a common hunting district form a hunting cooperative.

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Hunting law; prosecution of administrative offenses

Hunters must comply with a large number of legal regulations. Hunting law contains both criminal offenses and numerous administrative offenses.
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Hunting lease; advertisement

The hunting lease is a lease agreement in the form of a legal lease by which the right to hunt in a specific hunting district is granted to another party (hunting leaseholder). It must be notified to the competent authority.

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Hunting license and falconry license; application for issue and renewal

The hunting license documents the basic authorization to hunt. Hunting with raptors or falcons requires a falconry hunting license. You must apply for the issue and renewal.


Hunting warden; application for confirmation

In a hunting district, in addition to the responsible public authorities, hunting protection is the responsibility of the person authorized to hunt, provided they hold a hunting license, and the hunting wardens confirmed by the district administrative authority.