Office for Fire and Disaster Protection

Head of office: Friedhelm Weidinger


Äußere Brucker Straße 32
91052 Erlangen


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Civil protection plans; preparation and updating

All disaster control authorities in Bavaria must, in particular, draw up and update general disaster control plans and, where necessary, special alarm and deployment plans, so-called special disaster control plans.

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Civil protection; additional equipment and training

The units and facilities involved in civil protection also perform the tasks of protecting the population from the special dangers and damage that threaten in the event of defense. They are additionally equipped and trained for this purpose.

Service, Disaster response, Civil protection exercises

Civil protection; conducting exercises

As preparatory measures, the district administrative authorities must carry out disaster control exercises to an appropriate extent with the participation of those obliged to provide disaster relief.

Civil protection; information on the tasks of the civil protection authorities

The task of the civil protection authorities is to avert disasters and take the necessary preparatory measures.

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Fire and disaster protection; alarm planning

The district administrative authorities are responsible for alarm planning in fire and disaster control and the special-purpose associations for rescue services and fire department alarms are responsible for alarm planning in rescue services.
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Fire department operations; charging of reimbursement of costs

Under certain conditions, the municipalities can demand compensation for the necessary expenses incurred as a result of call-outs, deployments and security guards of municipal fire departments.
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Fire protection; implementation of preventive fire protection measures

Preventive fire protection is the umbrella term for all measures that prevent or limit the occurrence, spread and effects of fires in advance.
Service, Flood alarm plan

Floods; preparation of a municipal reporting plan

The municipalities participating in the flood information service draw up reporting plans indicating which measures must be carried out by which authorities at which water levels. A reporting plan provides information on responsible bodies or self-help options.

Floods; provision of information for municipalities

If the specified water levels are exceeded, the water management authorities inform the district administrative authorities, which in turn pass on the flood warnings to the municipalities.
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Radio equipment for fire departments and civil protection; application

Radio equipment for public safety authorities and organizations (BOS) is subject to approval. The district administrative authorities are the application bodies for mobile and fixed radio equipment for fire departments and civil protection.

Volunteer fire department; fire department

In Bavaria, around 320,000 volunteer firefighters in around 7,500 volunteer fire departments in Bavarian towns and municipalities are responsible for fire protection. Seven professional fire departments and over 200 plant and company fire departments also fight against the red tap.