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City Archive Erlangen

The official memory of the Huguenot city

Our tasks and services for you cover a broad spectrum. As the central institution of the city administration, we take care of the permanent storage and documentation of the administration. Our main tasks include the storage and indexing of holdings, archival collections and documentation, in particular the city chronicle and the contemporary history collection. We provide documents and information for archive users, research the history of Erlangen and contribute to the preservation of historical monuments.

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Closing days of the city archive

The city archive will be closed on June 20 and 21 due to an external event.

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Opening hours of the Platenhäuschen 2024

The so-called "Platenhäuschen", the summer retreat of August Graf von Platen (1796-1835) in Erlangen, will also be open to visitors in 2024.

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Inventory information of the city archive available online

Since January 2024, the "archive tectonics" - the hierarchical structure of the archive holdings - and the indexing information on the individual holdings of the City Archive have been available online.

Our offers

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Use and services

We keep a wide variety of documents that should not only be preserved, but also used as far as possible. You can find out how to do your own research in the city archive or send us a request here.

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Inventories and collections

The city archive is responsible for the administrative records of the entire city. In addition, we acquire and manage the archives of Erlangen associations and companies, family estates and all kinds of Erlangensia through purchases and donations. We have a diverse collection of books, newspapers, coins, medals, postcards, photographs and much more.

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Our archive library

The Erlangen City Archive maintains a specialized academic library - the archive library. The stock of approx. 50,000 media units is made up of monographs, collected works, journals, small publications and so-called "gray literature" (e.g. private prints, company publications, congress reports).

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Online offers

The Erlangen City Archive is endeavoring to gradually expand its online presence. Here you will find an overview of the information and research services currently available online.

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Publications on the history of Erlangen

Historical and political public relations work is a central task of the city archive. Our research findings in many areas of Erlangen's city history are published in the form of books, which can be purchased from the city archive or bookshops.

interviews with contemporary witnesses
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Interviews with contemporary witnesses

As part of the "Contemporary Witnesses" series of events, former Lord Mayor Dr. Siegfried Balleis conducted extensive interviews with deserving personalities from the city of Erlangen between 2013 and 2017. The results of this oral history project can be viewed on the city archive's YouTube channel.

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About the city archive

From the "collection point for antique objects" to the modern municipal archive: Here you will find further information on the tasks, structure and history of the municipal archive.

Our service for you

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Municipal archive; application for the use of archive material

If you would like to use or view the archive material stored in a municipal archive, you can apply for this.

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Building files; request for inspection

Building files from ongoing building supervisory procedures or completed (archived) procedural files can be inspected by persons authorized to receive information.
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City Archive - Fee Schedule

Fee statute for the statutes of the city of Erlangen for the city archive dated 30.10.2012

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City archive - Statutes

Statutes of the City of Erlangen for the City Archive dated 25.10.2012

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City archive

Head of office: Dr. Andreas Jakob


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