Office for Environmental Protection and Energy Issues

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Service, Online service, Soil protection law

Contaminated site register; application for information

Requests for data from the Bavarian register of contaminated sites should be addressed to the local district administrative authorities.

Service, Agenda, Agenda 21, Nature and labeling of the qualities of fuels, Biomass; rapeseed oil; wood chips; energy crops; wood utilization; waste wood, biomass regulation, Manure, EEWärmeG, Energy Tax Act; EnergieStG, Renewable energies, Renewable Energy Sources Act; EGG, Wood scraps, Immission Control Act, Sewage sludge, Foliage, sustainable, Sustainability, regenerative raw materials, Environmental protection, Ordinance on small and medium-sized combustion plants - 1. BImSchV, heat law

Energy use of renewable raw materials; information and advice

The use of renewable raw materials such as wood, energy crops and crop residues makes an important contribution to achieving the goals of energy policy, climate protection and resource conservation.

Service, Nature

Enjoying nature and recreation; information on entering the great outdoors

The "enjoyment of natural beauty and recreation in the great outdoors" is a fundamental right under the Bavarian constitution. However, not every form of leisure and sporting activity is generally permitted.
Service, Environment, Environmental protection

Environmental consulting; implementation

Action-oriented environmental counseling significantly promotes environmentally friendly behavior on the part of citizens.
Service, Self-producing wood

Firewood; application for a permit for self-collection

To cover your own private firewood requirements, you can apply for so-called self-cutting wood from communal forest owners.


Forest fire monitoring; organization of aerial observation

As part of preventive forest fire fighting, the responsible government, in agreement with the Office for Food, Agriculture and Forestry, orders aerial observation in the event of a very high forest fire risk (in exceptional cases also in the event of a high risk).

Immission control; advice and information

The responsible immission control authorities advise citizens and plant operators on immission control issues.
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Immission control; application for a permit for the construction and operation of a plant

The construction, operation and significant modification of certain industrial plants that may have a harmful impact on the environment require a permit under immission control legislation.
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Immission control; information on the inspection and monitoring of installations

In particular, systems requiring approval are regularly inspected to ensure that they comply with the legal regulations and the approval notice. They can also be inspected for special reasons.

Service, Orders according to §§ 17, 24 BImSchG, according to §§ 26, 28 BImSchG, Energy utilization, Noise protection, Air pollution control, Air pollution control, noise protection, Recycling of residual materials, Heat utilization

Immission control; issuing orders

The competent authority can also issue subsequent orders for approved installations.


Immission control; ordering of investigations and tests by measuring stations or experts

In order to determine emissions and immissions and to carry out safety tests, the competent authority may order notified measuring points or experts to take action.

Immission control; review of plant safety and accident prevention

Certain companies with particularly high hazard potential (operating areas) are subject to the Major Accidents Ordinance.

Service, Permission, forestry, Main descent, Main ski trail, agricultural, Slope grooming, Tobogganing, Snow vehicle, Skibobbing, Skiing

Main downhill run and main ski trail; application for a usage permit

You require a permit if you wish to use main ski runs and main ski hiking trails for purposes other than practicing the sport for which the ski run or ski hiking trail is intended.


Main downhill run and main ski trail; display when an obstacle is created

If you create an obstacle on a marked main slope or main ski trail, you must indicate this.

Service, Immission control, Noise pollution

Noise protection; enactment of an ordinance

Municipalities and cities can issue separate regulations on noise protection for their area and adopt these as an ordinance.

Plant protection; general information

Plant protection is a prerequisite and an integral part of efficient plant production.
Service, Commercial organization of inflatable boat tours on white water

Rafting tour; application for a permit under shipping law and notification

Rafting tours with boats longer than 9.20 m always require a permit.
Service, Application for the issue of a horse license plate, Application for the allocation of a horse license plate, Horse license plate, Horse badge, Riding levy, Rider badge

Riding license plate; application

In some Bavarian regions, riders who are out and about in the open countryside, in the forest and on public roads must attach license plates to their horses.
Service, Forest fire, Beetle wood, Mothfire, Spoil, Pruning waste, Swing fire

Vegetable waste; notification of disposal by incineration

You must report the incineration of plant waste outside of waste disposal facilities.

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Service, Online service, Waste transportation permit, Waste transportation permit, Transport permit under waste law

Waste management activities; application for a permit

If you wish to collect or transport hazardous waste or trade in hazardous waste, you must apply for a permit for this activity from the competent authority.
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Service, Online service

Waste management activities; notification

Anyone wishing to collect, transport, trade or broker waste must notify the competent authority before commencing the activity.