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Teenagers & young people

Whether it's education, entertainment, sport or finding accommodation: you live in Erlangen and have many interests. On this page you will find a wide range of information and topics.

Do you want to find out about school or training? Do you want to know what's going on in Erlangen's youth clubs at the weekend? Or do you simply want to browse through what else Erlangen has to offer young people? Whatever it is, you can find out all sorts of interesting facts about your city and what it has in store for you.

The Nuremberg Child and Youth Emergency Service is responsible for taking children and young people into care when the General Social Service of the Erlangen Youth Welfare Office is not available.

Telephone numbers for support in crises

Leisure locations

Leisure facility, Streetball, Queen's swing, Fireplace

Am Dummetsweiher leisure center - Holzweg-Nord

Leisure area with streetball baskets and queen's swing; use of the fire pit by appointment only until 22:00. No parking facilities.


Bamberg Street playground

Playground with table tennis table, skateboard and carousel

The leisure sports facility on Bayernstrasse

Bayernstraße recreational sports facility - Neumühlsteg

A play area with swings and a football pitch. The use of the fireplace and for barbecues is only permitted after registration and approval until 23:00 at the latest.


Donato-Polli-Strasse skate park

Skate park next to the West Youth Center


Donato-Polli-Straße playground and football pitch

Playground with table tennis table, large carousel, climbing combination and adjacent basketball court

Leisure facility, Playground, Toboggan hill, Ball field, Double cable car

Dresselweg playground

Leisure facility with playground, toboggan hill, ball field and exercise and balancing area. The playground is equipped with a climbing/sliding combination for schoolchildren, a double ropeway, trampoline, queen's swing, toddler swing and a sand play combination for pre-school children.


Goldwitzerstraße playground and football pitch

Football pitch and playground with double swing, toddler swing, rope circus and play combination for toddlers.

Table tennis table

Habichtstraße leisure center - Main-Danube Canal - Rowing club

Meadow east of the Main-Danube Canal with table tennis table


Heckenweg football pitch

School sports field; public use for children up to 14 years: Monday - Friday 15:30 - 17:30 (not in rain and snow)

Soccer pitch with soccer goal
Football pitch, Soccer pitch

Kernbergstraße football pitch

On the south-eastern edge of Büchenbach, somewhat hidden football pitch


Mönaustraße leisure sports facility

Recreational sports facility with inline field hockey, streetball and football pitch, climbing rock, table tennis tables, boules pitch and covered seating area.

Mud facility, Climbing frame, Streetball court, Playgrounds

Playground Am Färberhof

The playground is equipped with a mud pit, climbing frame, streetball court, playing fields, ...

Photo of the recreational sports facility

Recreational sports facility Michael-Vogel-Straße South

Leisure facility with a football pitch, streetball court and two table tennis tables. The Angerinitiative adventure playground and roller skating rink are located in the immediate vicinity.

Skate park

Skatepark Michael-Vogel-Straße - North

The largely covered public skate park under the Werner-von-Siemensstraße elevated bridge is open with floodlights from Monday to Sunday from dusk until 22:00.

Youth centers, youth clubs & youth centers


Anger 32 Open youth social work (OJSA)

You are welcome to come to the Anger 32 open youth social work center alone or with a group. You can play table tennis, table football, billiards or Playstation. We are happy to help with questions about school, work or personal matters.


GOWI 27 - Open youth social work Büchenbach South

Offene Jugendsozialarbeit Büchenbach Süd is a service for young people aged between 10 and 27 from the south of Büchenbach.

Hit parties, Carnival parties, Solstice bonfire, Berchparty, Oldies party

JC Arche Noah e.V.

The JC Arche Noah e.V. is located in the former Frauenaurach school building. It hosts pop parties, carnival parties and much more. The youth club cannot be rented. Curious? - It's worth taking a look.

Music Punk Rock, Ska, Alternative, Apres-Ski, ...

JC Dezibel e.V.

After announcement Current events at

Regular breakdance training for beginners and advanced dancers, Discover events & dance battles

JC Easthouse e.V.

Regular breakdance training for beginners and advanced dancers Discover events & dance battles

Music: Hip hop, R' n B, charts.

JC Juice Club e.V.

Hip hop, R' n B, charts. Opening after advance notice.

Music: Depending on the audience.

JC Kosbacher Stadl e.V.

Music, depending on the audience. Opening hours by appointment only.

Music Metal

JC New Force e.V.

Music: metal

spacious, cozy and manageable rooms, Bar, disco and walk-through area with counter and bar tables

JC Octopus e.V.

Centrally located in Dechsendorf, the youth club is one of the oldest and most spacious in Erlangen. In our cozy and manageable rooms (bar, disco and passage area with bar and bar tables), which are separated from each other, there is the opportunity to meet, dance and entertain.

Mixed depending on the event. Current information on the homepage, on every free day for 50 up to 400 people. Just chat to one of us and make an appointment.

JC Omega e.V.

Mixed depending on the event. Current information on the homepage


JC Orange e.V.

Music: Crossover, rock classics and party music. Opening hours: After advance notice via flyer or homepage This youth club can be rented.

Open when light is on, Music: mixed

JC Penthouse

Music: mixed, open when light is on


JC Rock Up e.V.

Music: rock, pop, oldies and as desired. This youth club can be rented

Music: Rockabilly, Ska, Punk, Rock'n'Roll., The club cannot be rented.

JC Scheune e.V.

Music: Rockabilly, Ska, Punk, Rock'n'Roll.


JC Terra Nova e.V.

Mainly charts and party music. This youth club cannot be rented.

Open youth social work, Youth social work, Youth social work Bruck, Open youth social work in Bruck

JUGENDhaus Black Box Bruck

If you're between 10 and 27 years old and looking for a good place to hang out, then the BlackBox is the place for you. Come and have a look! We look forward to seeing you!


Open youth social work Bruck @ONE

Our services are aimed at young people between the ages of 12 and 27 from the Bruck district. We focus on the needs and interests of young people and provide support in all life situations.


Youth Center West Büchenbach

The services offered by Jugendhaus West Büchenbach are aimed at all young people from the district and are geared towards their needs and interests.

Helping to shape Erlangen

Shape Erlangen

"Future elementary school and all-day care" program

By 2026, all-day education and childcare for schoolchildren is to be guaranteed by a legal entitlement. This means that the city of Erlangen is obliged to consider ways of ensuring that youth welfare services and schools can meet this legal entitlement, to take appropriate measures and, in particular, to make elementary school "structurally fit" for this.
Shape Erlangen

Albert-Schweitzer-Gymnasium: Renovation and new construction of the gymnasium

Extensive renovation and new construction work is being carried out in the gymnasium area of the Albert-Schweitzer-Gymnasium. Among other things, a double sports hall suitable for handball is being built.
Shape Erlangen

Campus Berufliche Bildung Erlangen (CBBE): New workshop wing and refurbishment of the commercial wing

Construction work at the Campus Berufliche Bildung Erlangen (CBBE) is ensuring a future-oriented teaching location for the industrial training professions at the vocational school in Erlangen. A new workshop wing is being built here and the industrial wing is being renovated.
Shape Erlangen, Climate awakening, Climate awakening, Environment, Sustainability, Climate target, Climate budget

Climate awakening

Erlangen wants to achieve climate neutrality across the entire city by 2030. A unique project has been launched to achieve this. With the "Climate Awakening Roadmap", an entire city has been setting out since fall 2022 to make its contribution to curbing global warming.
Shape Erlangen

Creating a place of remembrance for the victims of euthanasia

Together with various project partners, a place of remembrance and future is to be established on the site of the former Erlangen sanatorium and nursing home (HuPfla).