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Service for teenagers & young people

Young adults are important pillars of society - today and in the future. It is therefore important to meet the diverse needs of young people. These include, above all, education, support, protection and social and political participation. To this end, we offer numerous services, advice and information.

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Service, Online service, Application for a certificate of good conduct, Information about previous convictions, Certificate of good conduct, Document type 0, Document type N, Document type O, Document type P, Federal Central Register, criminal record certificate, Apply for a certificate of good conduct, Certificate of good conduct for official purposes, Apply for a police clearance certificate, Private management certificate, Criminal record extract, Criminal record certificate

Certificate of good conduct; application for a simple certificate of good conduct

If you need a certificate of good conduct for official or private purposes, you can apply for one at your local authority or electronically via the online portal of the Federal Office of Justice.
Service, Accompanied driving, BF17, drive 17, Driving with an accompanying person, Driving license in Bavaria, Driving license at 17 Bavaria

Driving license; application for accompanied driving from 17

Young novice drivers have the opportunity to drive a category B vehicle at the age of 17 accompanied by an experienced driver's license holder if certain requirements are met.
Service, official identification document, ID card, Identity card, official identity document, temporary identity card, passport replacement, identify, Identification, ID card, PA, Passport replacement, Identity card / temporary identity card, temporary ID card, temporary identity card, Personal documents, Collect identity documents, Personal documents ready for collection

Identity card; application

Germans can apply for an identity card at their local authority.
Service, Notarize final certificate, certify officially, official certification, notarize officially, Notarize school report, Have your certificate notarized

Official certification; obtaining from the municipality or administrative community

As the authorities closest to the citizens, the municipalities and administrative communities in particular are generally authorized to officially certify copies and signatures.

Service, reported, Main residence, Main residence, report, Reporting system, Secondary residence, Secondary residences, moved, Relocation, live, Register residence, Residence registration, Change of residence, address notification, Secondary residence, Place of residence, Change of address, Change address

Residence; notification of change of main residence

If you have and live in several apartments in Germany, one apartment is your main residence, all other apartments are secondary residences. You must inform the registration office which apartments you have and which of them is your main or secondary residence.

Service, Change of address, Registration confirmation, Log in, Registration with the registration office, Registration at the registration office, Registration of new apartment, Residence registration, Bavarian Registration Act, Register with the registration office, Register booth, move in, Move-in, Register municipality, Main residence, Registration law Bavaria, Registration law Bavaria, Reporting system, new building, new domicile, Obligation to register, Re-registration, Relocation, Report move, Change residence, Register residence, Residence registration, Change your place of residence, Apartment, Register apartment, Reregister your apartment, Responsible registration authority, Immigration, Change of residence, Change of address, Change address, Place of residence

Residence; registration

If you move into an apartment, you must register with the relevant registration authority (municipality, town or administrative community) within two weeks.

Service A-Z

Service, Driver's license application

Driver's license; submission of the driver's license application to the municipality

You can also submit your driver's license application to your local authority (of residence).
Service, Driving license deadline, Driver's license, Extend your driver's license

Driving license for buses and trucks; application to extend the period of validity

Driving licenses for trucks and buses are only valid for a limited period. You must apply to the local driving license authority to extend the period of validity.


Driving license; application due to expiry of validity

The validity of the new driving licenses will be limited to 15 years. The time limit only applies to the document, not the driving license itself.


Driving license; application for a copy of a file card

A so-called index card transcript is an extract from the local driving license register of the driving license authority that issued your driving license and provides information about your driving license data.

Service, Driving license exceptions

Driving license; application for exceptions concerning the driving license

Exceptions are possible in special individual cases to avoid hardship. The driving license authorities in the district administrative authorities are responsible for granting exceptions relating to the driving license.
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Service, Online service, Exchange old driver's license, EU driver's license, EU card driver's license, Driving license, Driver's license, gray cloth, Card driver's license, pink rags, pink paper driver's license

Driving license; application for exchange

The old paper driving licenses are gradually losing their validity - staggered according to the holder's year of birth. They must therefore be replaced in good time by the current EU standard card driving license.

Service, Bundeswehr driver's license, Service driver's license, Police driver's license

Driving license; application for the transfer of a service driver's license

If you hold or have held a service driver's license from the Federal Armed Forces, the Federal Police or the police, you can be issued a general driver's license for the relevant categories under simplified conditions.

Service, Novice driver, Probationary driving license, Driving license on probation, Trial period

Driving license; ordering probationary period measures

When a driver's license is acquired for the first time, it is issued on a probationary basis - with the exception of categories AM, L and T. During the probationary period, novice drivers are subject to special rules designed to counteract the high risk of accidents.

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Service, Online service, ALG, ALG 1, Alg 2, ALG I, ALG II, Employment agency, Employment agency for work, Unemployment benefit, Unemployment benefit 2, Unemployment benefit II, Unemployment benefit, Unemployment, Basic security, Hartz, Hartz 4, Hartz IV, Job center, Benefits for education and participation without learning support, Social welfare, Social benefit, Social support, Support, Unemployment benefit II; application

Citizen's allowance; application

If you do not have enough money to cover your own living expenses, you can apply for citizen's allowance.

Service, VHS

Adult education center; payment of fees

As a rule, there is a charge for attending courses and using the Adult Education Center's facilities.
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Service, Online service, Deviating provision of services, Aid, Citizen's income, One-off benefits, one-off requirement, Initial equipment, Birth, Household appliances, orthopaedic shoes, Pregnancy, therapeutic devices, Relocation, Apartment

Citizen's allowance; application for one-off benefits

Relocation, pregnancy, birth: if you lack the money for certain situations in your life, you can apply for one-off benefits.

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Service, Online service, ALG II, Acquisition, Unemployment benefit II, Demand, Citizen's income, Loans, Defective household appliances, Theft, Energy debts, financial emergency, Cash benefit, Money lost, Basic income support for jobseekers, Livelihood, Destitution, Emergency situation, Standard requirement, Repayment, Benefit in kind, Social benefit, Power cut

Citizen's allowance; applying for a loan in certain acute emergency situations

If you receive citizen's allowance, you can apply for a loan from the Jobcenter in acute emergency situations if you are unable to pay an amount that is actually covered by your standard needs and you cannot defer payment.

News for young people

Train travels through the countryside.

We are building the StUB

As a sustainable and efficient transportation alternative, the Stadt-Umland-Bahn (StUB) will connect the cities of Nuremberg, Erlangen and Herzogenaurach and also the communities east of Erlangen.

Raised bed_old town
Climate, Environment, Climate awakening, Climate awakening, Sustainability, Climate target, Promotion, Climate emergency

Tackling the climate budget

The application deadline for the next funding period is March 1, 2025!

Cycling, Bicycle parking, Cycling, Cycle route, Bike tour, Tour, City cycling, Wheels, Cycling

Bicycle lanes in Erlangen

In Erlangen, ten bicycle lanes have been designated so far, for which new guidelines for uniform design have now been adopted.

People stand around a planted tree.

Action 37 trees for Bethang

There is to be a tree for each of the 37 zip code districts in the cities of Nuremberg, Fürth and Erlangen. The last tree has now been planted in Erlangen.

Helping to shape Erlangen

Shape Erlangen

Creating a place of remembrance for the victims of euthanasia

Together with various project partners, a place of remembrance and future is to be established on the site of the former Erlangen sanatorium and nursing home (HuPfla).
Shape Erlangen

Dechsendorfer Weiher playground - west bank

On the west bank of the Dechsendorfer Weiher, an attractive, contemporary and safe play and recreation area for children and families is being created on an area of around 400 square meters.
Shape Erlangen

District House West (Büchenbach)

The construction of a new district center with a district library in the Büchenbach-West district will create a socio-cultural center and an innovative, versatile, open and creative meeting place in the west of the city.
Shape Erlangen

Renovation and expansion of the city museum

The city museum in the heart of the old town presents the history of the Erlangen region from early times to the modern university city. Following the completion of KuBiC, the city council has decided to focus on expanding the city museum.