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Services for people

Whether young people, families or senior citizens, here you will find municipal services for all walks of life.

Latest news

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Children's summer holiday program

The school doors will remain closed from July 29 to September 9. The city of Erlangen has various vacation offers available.

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Launch of the "Kitafinder" daycare portal

It is now much easier for parents to find a place in a daycare center. Comprehensive digitalization also brings many advantages for the administration and daycare facilities.

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Play and learning rooms

Playrooms are daycare facilities for children with an increased need for education, care and upbringing. They accompany and support families with their socio-educational work. The age range begins with kindergarten age and ends with school enrolment.

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Child day care

Child day care offers qualified childcare in a family setting by a childminder. Childminders are currently being sought!

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Here you will find an overview of all after-school care centers in Erlangen. School children from first grade to fourth grade are cared for in an after-school care center.