Construction workers working on a building site.

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Service overview: Building, relocation & infrastructure

In urban conurbations, construction, relocation and mobility are particularly commonplace issues. Whether residential, commercial, industrial or infrastructure: our tasks and services for you are diverse. Here you will find an overview of our municipal services.

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Bicycle lanes in Erlangen

In Erlangen, ten bicycle lanes have been designated so far, for which new guidelines for uniform design have now been adopted.

Parking lot sign.
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Parking in Erlangen

In public parking lots in the city centre, charges will be one euro for the first half hour from March. For each additional hour, the charge will be 2.60 euros per hour. The fee for the large parking lot is 1.50 euros per hour.

Train travels through the countryside.

Referendum on urban-urban rail

Answers to important questions.

Nürnberger Straße with pedestrians and cyclists

New in Erlangen?

With around 120,000 inhabitants, the Huguenot city is the smallest large city in Bavaria, but it is a great place to live.

Seven buses are parked next to each other.

Free line 299 (City Line)

A connection from attractive and important points in the city center and at the same time to regional transport to the west and east.