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Planning and building

The aim of the Planning and Building Department is the sustainable development of the city of Erlangen based on the local culture, values and identity of our city. A balance between social, economic and ecological objectives should be achieved in all large and small construction projects.

The quality of public and private construction in the city of Erlangen is to be safeguarded and enhanced in order to do justice to the city's history and make a contribution to building culture.

Current projects & plans

Photo sanatorium and nursing home

Ideas competition for sanatoriums and nursing homes

Documentation of the ideas competition for a place of remembrance and future in a sanatorium and nursing home

City model Kubic Frankenhof.
Building project, Currently being implemented

Frankenhof Culture and Education Campus - KuBiC

Erlangen is getting a new cultural center, the Kultur- und Bildungscampus Frankenhof (KuBiC).

Office for Facility Management


Construction measures by the Office for Facility Management

The Office for Facility Management regularly invests large sums in the construction and maintenance of municipal buildings.


Cooperation with teaching and research

The Department for Planning and Construction of the City of Erlangen, represented here by the Office for Facility Management, has set itself the goal of promoting innovative processes, among other things. This also includes exchanges with universities and other research and educational institutions.

Development planning


Binding development plans of the city of Erlangen

Here you will find the legally binding development plans of the city of Erlangen that have come into force by 01.03.2024.


Development plans in process

Here you will find an overview of all development plans that are still in the process.

Land use planning


Effective changes to the land use plan

Here you will find the effective amendments and corrections to the 2003 land use plan with integrated landscape plan


Amendment procedure of the FNP currently in progress

Here you will find an overview of all land use plan amendments that are still in the process.

Urban development

New development area 412 Büchenbach-West
Housing report

Housing report 2022

It provides a comprehensive overview of the current situation on the housing market. Development trends are highlighted and the city's actions in the various areas of housing policy are presented.


Inner city development 2.0

Erlangen is an attractive residential and business location. This also means that there is a high demand for space for living and working, especially from Erlangen's citizens, which can currently only be met to a very limited extent. For this reason, the city of Erlangen has been making considerable efforts to develop new areas for many years.

Building land register_residential_preview

Residential building land register according to § 200 (3) BauGB

Status: 31.12.2022 The residential building land register lists buildable areas on a map. The reserve areas for housing are also shown.

Building land register_commercial_preview

Commercial building land register according to § 200 (3) BauGB

Status: 31.12.2022 The commercial building land register lists buildable areas on a map. The reserve areas for commercial use are also shown.

Urban renewal

Urban renewal, Climate, Climate awakening, Climate awakening, Climate target, Climate emergency

Zollhausplatz becomes a "climate square"

The redesign of this town square is an important component of the city's measures and projects in light of the climate emergency declared on May 29, 2019.


The neighborhood management consultation hour is taking place again

The district office will be open again from April 25, 2022!

Urban renewal

Redesign of the public street spaces in the housing area

After the redesign of GEWOBAU's private open spaces, the public traffic areas must also be adapted and redesigned to enhance the residential environment in the housing area.


Preview of area plan Büchenbach construction area 412

Building area 412: -Häuslinger Wegäcker West-

There are currently no city-owned building plots for sale.


Building cooperatives in building area 412

Two joint building projects are being built in the 412 development area. The groups are already complete and the construction projects are in the realization phase.


Commercial properties

The city will support you in your search for a suitable commercial property.

Extract from the Büchenbach area planning

Sale of city-owned building plots

Here you will find the current range of city-owned building plots.

Preview image: Responsible property traffic officers

Sale of other city-owned land

Would you like to purchase an area owned by the City of Erlangen? Here you can see who is responsible for your request.

Current projects and plans

Shape Erlangen

"Future elementary school and all-day care" program

By 2026, all-day education and childcare for schoolchildren is to be guaranteed by a legal entitlement. This means that the city of Erlangen is obliged to consider ways of ensuring that youth welfare services and schools can meet this legal entitlement, to take appropriate measures and, in particular, to make elementary school "structurally fit" for this.
Shape Erlangen

A73 freeway lid

Together with the Free State of Bavaria and the federal highway company Autobahn GmbH, the city of Erlangen is looking for solutions to improve noise protection in the city area along the A 73 federal highway.
Shape Erlangen

Albert-Schweitzer-Gymnasium: Renovation and new construction of the gymnasium

Extensive renovation and new construction work is being carried out in the gymnasium area of the Albert-Schweitzer-Gymnasium. Among other things, a double sports hall suitable for handball is being built.

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