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Mobility & infrastructure

Mobility concerns everyone - children, adults, senior citizens, private individuals, companies, etc. - That is why it is important to us to integrate you and your interests into our mobility planning.

On this page you can find out about the current status and offers regarding mobility and infrastructure in Erlangen. For example, current participation opportunities, construction projects, charging stations, funding programs and current options such as mobility points or eScooters.


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Mobility advice for new citizens

We advise citizens on the topic of mobility in Erlangen and inform them about alternatives to their own car, such as public transport, car sharing and cycling. You can receive vouchers and trial offers to test different forms of mobility.

Latest news

Seven buses are parked next to each other.

Free line 299 (City Line)

A connection from attractive and important points in the city center and at the same time to regional transport to the west and east.

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Promotion of cargo bikes

As in previous years, the city of Erlangen has once again launched a funding program this year.

Train travels through the countryside.

Referendum on urban-urban rail

Answers to important questions.

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Parking in Erlangen

In public parking lots in the city centre, charges will be one euro for the first half hour from March. For each additional hour, the charge will be 2.60 euros per hour. The fee for the large parking lot is 1.50 euros per hour.


"Road of the future" research project

The city of Erlangen has participated in the "Road of the Future" research project in recent years. The aim of the project was to gain scientific insights into how municipalities can be supported in the planning and implementation of resource-efficient roads.

Get active!

Local transport plan forum

Mobility Forum - Local transport plan

A local transport plan defines fields of action and objectives in the area of local public transport. The Mobility Forum is actively involved in updating it.

Parking management forum

Mobility Forum - Parking space management

Here you will find information and materials that were discussed in the Mobility Forum on the subject of parking space management.

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Mobility Forum - Public participation in mobility planning

Mobility concerns everyone - children, adults, senior citizens, private individuals, companies, etc. - and so it is a central concern of the city of Erlangen to integrate participation processes into mobility planning. With its representatives, the advisory body "Mobility Forum" covers a wide range of interests and concerns.

Helping to shape Erlangen - our current projects

Shape Erlangen

A73 freeway lid

Together with the Free State of Bavaria and the federal highway company Autobahn GmbH, the city of Erlangen is looking for solutions to improve noise protection in the city area along the A 73 federal highway.
Shape Erlangen

Expansion of mobility services

The city of Erlangen is expanding its mobility options by promoting electromobility and sharing services and linking different forms of mobility.
Shape Erlangen

From the large parking lot to the Regnitzstadt

With "Regnitzstadt", Erlangen is to have a new district on the former large parking lot. At the same time, the district is to become a striking entrance to the city and be strengthened as a mobility hub.
Shape Erlangen

New Kriegenbrunn lock construction

The damage to the Kriegenbrunn lock cannot be completely repaired. The Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration (WSV) is therefore planning and building a new lock at the same location using state-of-the-art engineering technology.
Shape Erlangen

Parking space concept for Erlangen city center

A parking concept is being developed for Erlangen's city center together with affected stakeholders. The concept will then be tested as part of a pilot project. The aim is to reduce sidewalk parking, set up loading zones and develop new parking regulations.

Important links

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ADFC Erlangen

The ADFC is the largest advocacy group for cyclists worldwide. The ADFC Erlangen participates with the city administration in the planning of bicycle traffic in Erlangen and the district of Erlangen-Höchstadt.

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Bus travel - timetables & NightLiner

Here you will find the latest timetables, changes to the timetable and other information on local transport services provided by Erlanger Stadtwerke (ESTW).

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Transport Association Greater Nuremberg (VGN)

All stops & route network of Erlangen: Tickets and price levels at a glance. For example MobiCards or the 365-euro ticket.

Urban-rural railroad
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Urban-Rural Railway - StUB

The Zweckverband Stadt-Umland-Bahn provides information about the planning.

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