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Service portal - Building & living

In urban agglomerations, building and housing are particularly commonplace issues. Whether housing, commerce, industry or infrastructure: the tasks and services of the City of Erlangen are diverse. It is therefore important that people looking to build, tenants, homeowners and local companies can obtain information quickly and unbureaucratically. Here you will find everything you need to know about regulations for building, renting and owning your own home.

Service A-Z

Service, VHS

Adult education center; enactment of user regulations

Municipalities and administrative districts can issue user regulations or statutes for the adult education center in their area.
Service, Auction, Auctioneering, Auctions, Auction business

Auctioneering trade; application for a license by EU citizens

If you want to auction off third-party movable property, third-party land or third-party rights on a commercial basis, you need a permit.
Service, Auction, Auctioneering, Auctions, Auction business

Auctioneering trade; application for a license by non-EU citizens

If you want to auction off third-party movable property, third-party land or third-party rights on a commercial basis, you need a permit.
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Service, Online service, Certificate of descent, Registration, Exhibition, Birth certificate, Parents, Delivery, Premature birth, Birth, Birth registration, Birth announcement, Birth certification, Birthday, International birth certificate, international birth certificate, Child, Child registration, Rattling stork, Mother, Young talent, Son, Registry office, Registry office matter, Registry office matters, Daughter, Certificate, Father, birth register, Birth register transcript

Birth certificate; application

If you need proof of your birth, you can apply for a birth certificate under certain conditions.

Service, Registration of the child at the registry office, Register child, Register child, Display birth, display birth, display a birth,, register birth, report birth, Display birth, Display birth, Display birth, Report birth, report birth, Birth registration, Birth announcement, Birth certification, Birth certificate

Birth; Display

The birth of a child must be reported to the registry office in whose jurisdiction the place of birth is located.

Service, Cable TV, Public sewer system, public road network, Telephone network, Water supply network, gas supply network, electricity supply network

Building area; information on development

Development is the responsibility of the municipality unless it is the responsibility of another party in accordance with other statutory provisions or obligations under public law.

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Service, Online service, Inspection of files, City archive, Archive material, Access to city archives

Building files; request for inspection

Building files from ongoing building supervisory procedures or completed (archived) procedural files can be inspected by persons authorized to receive information.
Service, Provide building land, Provision of building land, Selling building land

Building land; provision by municipality

Municipalities can provide building land for residential and commercial purposes.
Service, Community organization, Design statutes, Statutes, Urban design

Building law; enactment of local building regulations

By means of local building regulations, the municipality or city can regulate the design of buildings (e.g. roof shape, materials, etc.), advertising structures and properties (e.g. enclosures, greenery, etc.) in particular.
Service, Completion certificate, Building application Bavaria, Building, Building permit, Building permit Bavaria, Building permit procedure, Building projects requiring planning permission, apply for, New building

Building permit procedure; information on the processing status

If you have applied for a building permit, you can find out about the processing status online.

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Service, Online service, Application for new construction, Building acceptance, Building inspection Bavaria, Building application, building application bavaria, Building consultancy, Apply to build, Building permit, Building permit, Building control, Building law, apply for, apply for a new building, Flying buildings

Building project; application for a building permit

You generally need a building permit to erect, modify or change the use of a facility. Only in exceptional cases is planning permission not required.

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Service, Online service, Sectional building permit, Building supervision, Relief, Approval procedure, Partial test

Building project; application for a partial building permit

You can apply for a partial building permit if you have submitted a building application but have not yet received a building permit. This allows you to obtain permits for individual construction phases in advance.

Latest news

Seven buses are parked next to each other.

Free line 299 (City Line)

A connection from attractive and important points in the city center and at the same time to regional transport to the west and east.

Wheel, Cargo bike, Promotion, Bicycle

Promotion of cargo bikes

As in previous years, the city of Erlangen has once again launched a funding program this year.

Train travels through the countryside.

Referendum on urban-urban rail

Answers to important questions.

Urban renewal, Climate, Climate awakening, Climate awakening, Climate target, Climate emergency

Zollhausplatz becomes a "climate square"

The redesign of this town square is an important component of the city's measures and projects in light of the climate emergency declared on May 29, 2019.

Helping to shape Erlangen

Shape Erlangen

A73 freeway lid

Together with the Free State of Bavaria and the federal highway company Autobahn GmbH, the city of Erlangen is looking for solutions to improve noise protection in the city area along the A 73 federal highway.
Shape Erlangen

Albert-Schweitzer-Gymnasium: Renovation and new construction of the gymnasium

Extensive renovation and new construction work is being carried out in the gymnasium area of the Albert-Schweitzer-Gymnasium. Among other things, a double sports hall suitable for handball is being built.
Shape Erlangen

Allotment garden concept "Gardening in Erlangen"

A concept is being developed for new garden areas in the city of Erlangen. The potentially suitable areas for allotment gardens and other offers are shown and evaluated.
Shape Erlangen

Campus Berufliche Bildung Erlangen (CBBE): New workshop wing and refurbishment of the commercial wing

Construction work at the Campus Berufliche Bildung Erlangen (CBBE) is ensuring a future-oriented teaching location for the industrial training professions at the vocational school in Erlangen. A new workshop wing is being built here and the industrial wing is being renovated.
Shape Erlangen

City center development Erlangen

Inner-city development aims to enhance the area by promoting construction measures for public buildings, redesigning streets, squares and other public areas and supporting private initiatives for building renovations.